With residences in Miami, St. Tropez, Courcheval, Paris, Marbella and Aspen, the Villazzo residence club experience offers guests a general manager and full hotel staff (including child care, chef, bartender, masseuse, maid service and more) in what would traditionally be a villa rental package. Hotel style decor and amenities (like Bulgari toiletries and a business center) create an experience like being ˝the only guest in a private boutique hotel in the best locations, ˝ according to Villazzo VP Thierry Morali. With villa options that run from opulent to classic to contemporary (with as many as seven bedrooms), prices range from several thousand dollars a night to approximately $ 15,000 based on location and length of stay.

Contact : Vice President of Sales Thierry Morali, Phone : (877) VILLAZZO

Fax : (305) 777-0146 ; Email : thierry.morali@villazzo.com; Website : www.villazzo.com

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