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A Change to Aspen’s Restaurant Scene & Planning Your Winter Luxury Villa Rental Vacation

Sunday, September 16th, 2012


Artist’s Rendering of the New Elk Club Restaurant


Aspen is a great place to visit any time of year, but without a doubt the luxury ski resort’s high season is the winter months. If you’re hoping to enjoy a completely comfortable vacation in a luxury villa rental in Aspen then you’ll also want to think about booking now. As people on the restaurant scene ramp up for the start of the 2012-2013 winter and ski season so too will the options of where to stay fill up fast. One such change to the Aspen scene is the new Elk Camp restaurant being opened by the Aspen Skiing Co. (Skico) and slated to be ready by the start of the winter season. Located close to the Elk Camp gondola the new restaurant will be 14,769 square feet and has been designated as the new hub of Snowmass’ summer operations.

aspen times rentals
The Site of the Elk Club Gondola


The new Elk Club, which has been in the works for the better part of two years and will replace Cafe Suzanne’s, is part of a growing trend that has seen independent ownership of mountain restaurants in Aspen dwindle to just two (Bonnie’s and High Alpine). As Scott Condon of The Aspen Times  (aspen times rentals) notes “on-mountain restaurants have become increasingly important for ski-area
operators. Just as ski areas completed replacing old chairlifts with high-speed
models over the past 25 years, they are now replacing lots of old, worn-out
restaurants with grand, new structures.”

The restaurants don’t just look newer, different, shinier, either. The food experience has also changed dramatically from down home American grub like hot dogs and fries to a much more upscale dining experience. According to Skico, the Elk Club’s menu “alludes to northern Italian cuisine” and will have food that focuses on health and freshness, two big trends in high end Aspen restaurants. The new menu will apparently include speciality sandwiches, pizzas, and rotisserie items, as well as salads, soups, fresh pasta, and gourmet desserts. The Elk Club will not just cater to skiing diners, but the size (capacity for 250 in the dining room, 25 at the bar, 150 on the deck, and 90 seats in an an area for ski school kids) will also make it ideal to host events and receptions.

Villazzo’s Luxury Villa Rental Elisa in Aspen

For those loving the new, even higher end Aspen, then a winter vacation here wouldn’t be complete without the right accommodation. While hotels are nice, the privacy and opulence of a luxury villa rental really can’t be beat. One such luxury villa rental option is the VillaHotel Elisa, located only minutes from downtown Aspen this unbelievable luxury villa includes six bedrooms, a vanishing edge pool, and outdoor seating and entertaining area complete with fireplace. The attention to detail and design on this property really has to be seen to be believed. And while Villazzo luxury villa rentals provide privacy and all the comforts of home, our VillaHotel properties really go above and beyond, combining unbelievable luxury villa rentals with the kind of service and personal touches that far surpasses a traditional five-star hotel.

If you would like to spend part of your winter break, or even Christmas and New Year’s, in an Aspen luxury villa rental then the best time to book is now. Of course, if you can’t wait for winter to enjoy the beauty that is Aspen, fall is a great time to visit too. Not only will you save yourself from the peak season hustle and bustle, but you’ll also get to enjoy the explosion of color that comes on Aspen’s mountains and surrounding areas with the advent of fall.

Top Luxury Travel Trend for 2012

Saturday, May 19th, 2012

The number one spot on Virtuoso’s list is ideal for a luxury villa rental vacation
Enjoy family time by the pool – Villazzo’s VillaHotel Paula, St. Tropez

Every year, after consulting their “elite travel agency membership,” Virtuoso produces a Luxe Report that predicts trends in the luxury travel market. For 2012 the Luxe Report names the number one trend as “multi-generational family travel,” for which luxury villa rentals are an absolutely ideal vacation accomodation option. Forbes produced their own list Top 8 Luxury Travel Trends for Summer 2012 with family travel also earning the top spot. The magazine also cites luxury villa rentals in conjunction with the increase in family travel, stating that “high end villa rentals are a popular choice for families…extra large villas can accommodate multiple families and provide a great base for celebrations.” According to Fobres families are not just choosing luxury villa rentals for relaxing vacations, but also as a spot to gather and celebrate events like important birthdays, anniversaries and family reunions.

Games in the sun are perfect for family getaways – V Villa Sogno di Luce, St. Tropez

Aside from the growing trend of families travelling together, the Luxe Report names international as the most popular form of travel in 2012, indicating that the luxury travel customer “is not easily dissuaded by rising fuel prices and hotel costs, as evidenced in the continued support of Europe, [with] Italy and France ranked as the most popular international destinations.” Of course, gorgeous travel destinations like St. Tropez are ideal for those planning multi-generational travel, especially when opting for the luxury villa rental option. Here are three reasons why we think a luxury villa rental is an ideal option for family trips:

1. Luxury Villa Rentals Make Vacationing with Kids a Breeze: From the convenience of having your own state of the art kitchen to private pools and comfy media rooms, the luxury villa concept means that keeping kids fed, happy and occupied is much easier staying in a villa than it would be staying in a conventional hotel. Villazzo VillaHotels also offer butler service that can ensure you and your family have everything you need from a stocked pantry to the right toiletries.

2. Luxury Villa Rentals Offer More Options: Rather than having several generations of one family cooped up in one or two hotel rooms a luxury villa rental offers the opportunity for space and many different activities during your vacation. Of course, you always have the option of leaving your villa and exploring your destination, but when you’re at “home” you can rest assured knowing it will feel just like that–with five-star luxuries thrown in.

3. Luxury Villa Rentals Won’t Always Break the Bank: We’re all looking for value for our dollar and while a villa rental may seem pricey, it can be definitely be an efficient option when considering the number of people vacationing and the type of experience you’re looking for.

Enjoy the convenience of your own gourmet kitchen while on vacation – VillaHotel Stella, Miami

Whether you’re planning to travel with your children or several generations of your family consider a luxury villa rental for 2012. Gorgeous luxury villa rentals in hot spots like St. Tropez, Miami and Aspen ( recently named their choices for Five of the World’s Most Opulent Villas and included Villazzo’s Aspen VillaHotel Elisa on their list) will offer your family five-star amenities, privacy and the ability to make memories that none of you will soon forget.