Miami: Your autumn pick-me-up

It should come as no surprise that travelers often cite fall as the best time of year to experience Miami. Although much of the country begins to cool down in the month of October, the average high temperature in Miami sits around 85 degrees (approx. 30 Celsius). With tourist season long past, there’s also more freedom to enjoy the true Miami lifestyle (think ample beach space). If you’re still planning your fall Miami getaway, Villazzo still has some of its signature VillaHotels available.


1. Book Villa Azza (above): A modern and tropical waterfront escape on Palm Island (starting at $5,700 per night)

2. Book Villa Contenta: The most luxurious experience Villazzo has to offer, with all the bells and whistles (starting at $9,800 per night)

3. Book Villa Helena: A simple and serene Miami Beach experience (starting at $1,200 per night)

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