The Butler Effect

A Villazzo butler offers cigars

The butler is Villazzo’s most popular service

Booking a vacation should be an easy decision, but we know that isn’t always the case. Holidays require you to take time away from your busy schedule: work, meetings, clients and all your responsibilities. That’s why, once you’ve made the choice to reward yourself with time off, you need to spend that time wisely. Because of this, Villazzo created one of its most popular services to date: The butler.

“Guests often come to me with lots of stress,” says Operations Director Hanna Talaie, “but when they leave, I can notice the difference – they’re relaxed. The butler has a lot to do with this.”

The Villazzo butler is an extended concierge service offered in all VillaHotels and Villas – essentially a personal assistant. Hanna described to me the type of services they provide:

“They book hotel reservations, arrange in-house dinners with the chef, order a car service, do the groceries, schedule massages – or just answer any questions the guests may have.”

With nothing to worry about, there’s more time for you to focus on what’s important: your families, friends and the first-class amenities in each property. It’s no wonder the butler is the top-rated perk for Villazzo guests.

Hanna has even hand-picked them herself, and returning guests often request their butlers by name.

“They spend so much time with you that sometimes they become like a part of the family,” says Hanna, “we have some that get requested all the time.”

NEW: Order a butler for your own home or property

If you already own a property, you can still book the butler service directly through our sister property management company, Villazzo Living: Because who wouldn’t want to be this relaxed everyday?

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