There’s nothing quite like a vacation to press reset and relax, and never have we needed it more than right now.

With staycations becoming a ‘thing’ this year, the trend for vacationing in the USA has never been more popular. After all, we have so many great cities to explore that are well connected. For inspiration, we’ve picked out five of the best US destinations for a break away. From luxury rentals Miami Beach to the soothing mountains of Aspen, and glamour of Los Angeles, here’s five of the top destinations, with something for everyone.

Fun and fabulous in Miami

Always a crowd pleaser, Miami is known for hitting all the right spots. With year-round great weather, and some of the best restaurants, bars and clubs in the country – you’ll find everything you need within easy reach. This also includes its award winning beaches – South Beach perhaps being the most famous of them all. Underpinning all of this, Miami villas for rent are some of the most awe-inspiring, with waterside mansions overlooking Biscayne Bay. 

All the Hollywood glamour

If your kind of vacation includes top-end dining, haute couture shops and a touch of Hollywood pizzazz about it, then Los Angeles is for you. High up in the hills, you’ll find plenty of luxury apartments with sweeping views over the skyline to swallow up. 

For foodies, its farmers markets are some of the best you’ll find with fresh daily produce for discerning clientele. For thrill seekers there’s plenty of surf, skate and cycling to partake in, and of course miles of endless golden beaches like Malibu. From the hip neighbourhood of Abbot Kinney to the fun of West Hollywood, you’ll never be lost for how to fill your vacay!

Escape to Arizona

For the perfect escape from the daily grind, Arizona is well worth considering. Pitched out in the desert, there’s plenty of space to reconnect with the world and the natural beauty of its canyons to explore. Whether you choose to hike, bike or play a round of golf, Arizona has it all. Equally if you just want to sit by a pool with a locally crafted beer – there’s plenty of luxury Arizona villas ideal for chillaxing. A real foodie destination, you’re bound to be impressed with its culinary scene, with outstanding restaurants all over the city, especially in uber-hip Phoenix.

All about Aspen

There’s a freshness in the Aspen air, no matter what time of year you choose to visit. Come winter its crisp air and fresh powder makes it a ski hot spot, while come summer its luscious greenery brings the hikers, bikers and walkers to town. There’s no better destination for those who love the great outdoors and a touch of the finer things in life with its vibrant after-hours scene. All you need is a luxury Aspen villa to complete your stay. Many of the luxury properties in the neighbourhood come complete with first-class facilities, such as home-gyms, hot tubs and most important of all – breathtaking views across the snowy mountain tops. Once visited never forgotten, add Aspen to your 2021 travel list for the ultimate get-away.

Wherever you decide to go this year, Villazzo luxury villas offer the best property rentals in some of the most sought-after destinations.

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