Exploring the Best Deserts in the World

If you find yourself craving an adventure vacation, one that lends itself to exploration and excitement, then a desert-based holiday might be for you. Whether you want to go off-grid, or visit on a day trip from your villa rental, there are numerous options, tour guides, and destinations that cater to all tastes.

Here are five of the most remote, tranquil and enchanting deserts to consider for your next trip.

The Arabian Desert, Middle East
If you’re seeking vast wilderness with just you and rich earthy sand for company, then the Arabian desert is a must. Stretching from Iraq to the Yemen, it takes in the Persian Gulf with Riyadh at its capital. This vast 900,00 square mile of land is the fifth largest desert in the world, and brings the nostalgia of Arabian nights and romance to those brave enough to visit, especially by camel.

Dry and desolate, and far from the bright lights and luxury villa rentals of the UAE, this baron land is best to visit between November and February. This is when it experiences colder temperatures, which are still hot by any standard (71-83 farenheit).

The Sahara Desert, Africa
When you think of deserts, the Sahara is the one that first comes to mind. The third largest in the world, this expansive space extends 3.6 million square miles covering most of Africa’s northern region. The extraordinary terrain is made up of sandy dunes, as well as rocks and sparse patches of grass and salt flats. As well as providing a breathtaking backdrop, it’s home to some incredible species, as well as flora and fauana. A good time to visit is between May and October when the weather is milder. Many visitors are surprised to learn that during winter (December – February) it can even plummet to freezing temperatures too.

The Namib, Africa
A visit to the Namib is undoubtedly about escape. Here you can get off the beaten track and disconnect with the distractions of the world. Inhabited by just tumbleweed and desert plants, as well as the occasional elephant, it’s hostile environment is far from the luxury villas and glossy restaurants of South Africa. While it may not be the biggest, it is certainly the oldest desert on the planet, with its red dunes and dusty panes estimated to be around 55 million years old.

Moab Desert, USA
If you’re ready for the adventure of a lifetime, the Moab desert in Utah is one of the most stunning to encounter. A veritable geological treat, it boasts hues of red, burgundy and coral, with boulders, cliffs and rugged terrain for hiking, climbing and exploring.

Dare to ditch your villa rental and pitch up and tent, and you’ll experience a sky full of stars in all their magical brilliance. The surrounding canyonlands balance out the remote desert with rivers, forests and even a state park to conqueror. Spring and fall is the perfect time to visit this rugged land, when tourists and heat levels are lower than usual.

The Antarctic Desert
And finally, you perhaps wouldn’t think that the largest desert on the planet is one filled with layers of ice. However, that’s exactly what all 5.5 million square miles of the Antarctic desert offers. Expect to see whales, icebergs and glaciers of ice in this humbling and spectacular setting, which many choose to visit by expedition cruise. Visit between October and March when the temperatures are most bearable (35-44 Fahrenheit), especially if you’re embarking on the famous two-day Drake Passage sea voyage.

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