My Kind of Mykonos – The Must-Visit Luxury Destination

Mykonos is noted for its beauty, vibrancy, luxurious Mykonos villas and golden beaches… but what Villazzo’s General Manager, Hanna Talaie, found on a business trip to goes beyond the aesthetics and into the heart of what makes Greece a number one destination….

By Hanna Talaie.

I landed into Mykonos airport excited to be here. My job takes me to all corners of the globe, but this was my first visit to this trendy Greek island I’d heard so much about. During my time here, I would recce the very best Mykonos villas and step inside the world of our clients, to personally vet and meet all the owners of our Mykonos villa rentals, checking them against our criteria for exceptional quality and comfort. 

The warmth of Greece

I’m initially struck by the warm Greek welcome and hospitality. Everyone I encountered, from private gardeners, to pool managers and Mykonos villa owners made me feel very much at home. 

It should be no surprise – Mykonos is known to be an island of luxury, hedonism and decadence. It is also the seventh destination added to the Villazzo collection, hence my visit. Whilst here, I would be meeting prospective property owners, to assess the very best villas in Mykonos we’re inviting into the Villazzo portfolio.

As with all our properties, I was specifically looking for the following:

  • A well maintained property
  • Size of property
  • A superior location
  • Unrivalled views
  • Comfort and first-class facilities
  • Cleanliness
  • Proximity to local attractions and entertainment

The heat is on!

I purposely came during peak tourist season, to see how the island responds at its busiest. Whilst nearby island Santorini brings in the highest number of tourists, Mykonos is known to bring in the most discerning. Those with a taste for the finer things in life; like private rooftop pools, uninterrupted views out to sea, and Mykonos villas within easy reach of its marina filled with superyachts. 

I was wowed by the safety measures in place, and the inviting hospitality from all the property owners I met, taking the time to give me tours of the properties and the amazing facilities on offer.

Although the island has been a haven for the jet-set since the ‘60s, Mykonos is once again enjoying its time in the limelight, with a raft of A-list celebrities, beach bars, marinas and luxury Mykonos villas welcoming visitors. It is mainly a European crowd, with a growing interest from Americans. 

With luxury villas in Mykonos in growing demand, I visited no less than twenty of the most sought-after on the island to add to our collection – only half eventually made it.


Stepping inside a postcard

One of the joys of visiting Mykonos is that it’s authentically Greek. Its steep and narrow roads lead to breathtaking views and windmills gently turning in the breeze. There’s no better place than Mykonos Town to walk around and get lost in, but for the main, I drove around, and found the roads safe and easy to navigate.

It was also a great way to soak up the beauty of the island – it’s turquoise waters and sandy beaches, and mountain views, ensuring there’s something for everyone. And of course it’s famed nightlife.

If you’re all about eating out and five-star dining, there’s plenty to succumb to here. And because of the high-volume of international visitors, I found it provide five-star cuisine comparable to the likes of S. Tropez and Ibiza.

Myconian style and design

Getting a feel for the island is just as important as choosing the right Mykonos villas. We are the eyes and ears of our clients, and need to be able to recommend properties with insight and honesty. So whilst visiting homes, I took the time to meet and chat to the owners, and visit the local vicinity, posing all the questions I know customers would have.

Perhaps one of my favourite things about Mykonos is the incredible interior decoration – some of the best I’ve seen. Villas in Mykonos are designed with beauty and comfort, from charming artefacts and minimalist white-washed walls, to cosy villas hidden in the nooks of the island. This, along with the location and first-class facilities, such as pools and well maintained grounds, are a prerequisite for Villazzo.

Dreaming of Mykonos

As my time in Mykonos drew to a close, I left with a full heart, grateful for the kind hospitality and incredible homes I had been invited into – many now serving as Villazzo properties. I now fully understand why people rave about this island, and book months in advance. 

Finally, I would like to take the opportunity to extend my gratitude to all the homeowners who took the time to show me around their properties, and my team who helped to make this trip a great success.

Villazzo is pleased to introduce 10 Mykonos villa rentals now available for bookings at

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