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Must-Visit Destinations to Add to Your Family Track Bucket List

Thursday, October 13th, 2022

When it comes to the very best in luxury villas, first-class vacations and adrenaline-filled action, it’s rarely orientated towards families. However, just because the kids are in tow, it doesn’t mean you should miss out.

From the crisp-cold shores of Iceland, to the rolling terrain of Yellow Stone Park and all that’s in between, here’s five kid-friendly action-packed destinations that the whole family will enjoy.

The Great Barrier Reef – North Queensland, Australia

Australia is a mammoth place to conqueror. So, if you’re with the family, why not focus on North Queensland – a popular spot for adrenaline-junkies – little ones too! And with year-round warm weather, there’s never a bad time to visit.

First and foremost, the main attraction here is The Great Barrier Reef. The world’s largest coral reef is a spectacle to see, with over 1,600 species of fish to marvel at. Come and snorkel or scuba-dive, there’s also plenty of conservation projects for children to learn more about. In nearby Cairns, children can swot up on local flora and fauna native to this part of the world. And when you’re ready for a rest, leave your luxury villa rental behind and jet off to the Whitsundays. This nearby archipelago of 74 tropical islands is a must – you’ve come this far after all.

Best for: families that like to swim and surf.

Rovaniemi, Finland

The capital of Finland is more than just home to Santa Claus. This winter garden is a visual feast and extreme sports haven, for those who like to get off the beaten track. Start your travels with a visit to the local museum and science centre “Arkitkum” this will give you an appreciation for its bold weather and environment. Then it’s time to dive right in to all the fun sports on hand. Reindeer and husking sledding is a popular sport here – time your travels during December to pair this with a visit to Santa’s Grotto – a truly memorable experience for kids. It’s just one of several activities on offer. You can get involved in snow tubing, cross-country skiing and a favorite local pastime: ice fishing! What’s not to love?

Best for: extreme winter sports activities

Yellowstone National Park, USA

There are over 423 national parks in America. What makes Yellowstone so special is its breathtaking terrain, geysers (gas fired water holes) hot springs and wild animals. It’s a bit of a cross between Yogi Bear and going on Safari – making it perfect for family vacations!

Sure to wow the children, this 3,500 sqm wilderness is located in land-locked Wyoming. When travelling with little ones, you will benefit from avoiding peak heat, perhaps April, September or October. This lower peak season also means you’re more likely to catch a glimpse of some of the rare wildlife too. This includes bears, elks, bison and wolves. Yes, wolves.

Far away from the comfort of your luxury villa rental, there are designated camping spots for those brave enough to pull up a tent for a night or two… Surrounded by luscious greenery, tranquil forests and dramatic canyons and rivers, it’s a wonderful place for reconnecting with nature. Take note – bears start to emerge from hibernation in early spring.

Best for: boy scouts and girl cubs.

Reykjavik, Iceland

With its rich Viking history and fresh glacier air, Iceland is one of the most magical destinations for all the family to enjoy. It’s also quite remote, so basing yourself in the capital Reykjavik will serve you well. One of the safest countries in the world, expect a warm friendly welcome, from locals that are excited to tell you all about their history. A great place to start is the National Saga Museum, offering ‘close encounters’ to Vikings up close and personal. A trip this far, however, would be incomplete without a visit to the Blue Lagoon. This geothermal spa brings people from the world over to experience its mineral rich water in extreme surroundings. Kids will particularly enjoy whale-watching off the coast of the island, despite the early start, it promises quite a spectacle. Finally, for all those Game of Thrones feels, head to Skaftafell, Vatnajokull National Park to witness gushingwaterfalls and breathtaking beauty at your feet.

Best for: wellness holidays

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