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Villazzo Offers Kosher Services

Wednesday, December 27th, 2017

As the end of Yom Kippur opens the door to everything that is good and pleasant for you and your loved ones, Villazzo Operations Director, David Siauvaud opens his doors with outstanding Kosher Villas services for all to enjoy.

Villazzo is always one step ahead, consistently aligning its services with its clientele’s preferences. And, Kosher Food service has been a frequent request since Villazzo graciously established its first clients in 2002. Fortunately, Mr. Siauvaud comes with nearly a decade of relevant professional experience, and when he speaks about his current role at Villazzo, it is clear that he is a competent leader and a man who understands what Kosher food preparation is all about.

We asked Mr. Siauvaud a handful of questions regarding Villazzo’s Kosher Villas services. It is our pleasure to share with you his answers, delivered in the most charming and characteristic French accent.

What exactly does Villazzo’s Kosher food preparation entail?

“Well, when a ‘Kosher’ experience is requested, we work meticulously to accommodate our community when and where appropriate, from A to Z, really. We certify that the foods are Kosher – properly prepared in accordance with the Jewish dietary laws. Even our champagne aces the test.

The origins, significance and principals associated with “kashruth” – Jewish dietary laws – are complex. Our special behind-the-scenes preparations are rather extensive but it all happens in a convenient and timely manner.

As per enduring traditions, any contact between meat and dairy products is avoided at all cost, and the food is invariably treated according to specific laws. Should any meat be served, it is procured with a minimum of pain to the animal, for example. And, the food served will never contain those ingredients considered to be inherently unsuitable or unorthodox, like pork or shellfish.”

Are the food and kitchen inspected by a rabbi?

“Our Kosher Villas food suppliers are the best. Actually, quality control begins before the food is even introduced into the equation, with our selection of the villa and its amenities. Because meat and dairy are never to touch, the villa comes equipped with two refrigerators, two kitchen sinks, two dish washers, and all of the appropriate dishware, glassware, silver, etc. Before our guests arrive, a rabbi pays the villa a special visit to say his prayers and give everything his final blessing.

The inspecting rabbi examines not only the instruments and appliances used to prepare the meals but also the process by which our food is made and served.

Our aim is to ensure adequate supervision of purity, quality and overall compliance by our Kosher sources, suppliers and appointed staff.”

What about the staff? Who prepares and serves the food?

“The experience does not only adhere to Kosher customs, it is tailored to personal preferences and persuasions. In fact, you may request a male or female chef and/or butler. If there are women guests present at your villa, and everyone would feel more comfortable with a female butler, for instance, we would make certain that this is the case. That way the wives and moms can enjoy the pool and relax.”

Anything else you would like your guests to know?

Yes, you don’t have to be Jewish to request Kosher! It can be enjoyed be everyone!

Also, I would like larger families to know that we can help with transportation to and from the airport, if need be. This part of the trip can get a bit complicated for some and I encourage it. Our team is here to help in every way we can. I want our guests to be absolutely happy with every aspect of their stay.

Fortunately, Mr. Siauvaud and his Villazzo team are readily available to you for any further questions or special needs you may have. So, don’t hesitate to reach out and toast to life with them!

The Villazzo Team


Wednesday, May 18th, 2016
Villazzo Launches Kids Program – March 3, 2016


Villazzo announces the launch of the new Villazzo Kids Program rolling out at our 30 VillaHotels located in Miami Beach, St Tropez and Aspen. In response to the growing global demand of family travel and their evolving needs, the program redefines family experiences within the VillaHotel and introduces more meaningful branded amenities for young travelers. (more…)

The Luxury Villa Letdown: How Concierge Services Fall Short of the Mark

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

Searching for a luxury villa with concierge services? What you see isn’t always what you get.

If you’re fortunate enough to be a luxury world traveller, then you know that the addition of concierge services to luxury villa rentals is becoming more and more of a selling point for villa rental agencies. As luxury hotels become increasingly more “corporate,” villa rental companies are looking to capitalize in the decline of personalized hotel services by promising professional, hands-on concierge services for the duration of your stay in a private luxury villa.

When you think of “concierge services,” most likely you have visions of attentive, polite professionals who arrive to your room at your beck and call to fulfil any last-minute need or impulsive whim that strikes your fancy. Or, perhaps you imagine an exquisite spread of fine wines, champagne, Iranian caviar, and fresh fruit waiting for you as you return to your room. Maybe even dedicated turndown services, chauffeurs, butlers, chefs, and other service personnel come to mind when you imagine your next luxury villa stay that is supposed to include true concierge services.
Unfortunately, what you imagine and what you get are two completely different things.

The Reality of Concierge Services

The vast majority of concierge services you’ll encounter when renting a luxury villa fall way short of the mark compared to 5-star hotels. Instead of a well-dressed, polite, professional on-site concierge, you’re more likely to get an unshaven “gopher” named Gaston who arrives at your villa 40 minutes after you’ve called him, sweating profusely from the hot mid-day sun in St. Tropez and the fact that he has three or four other “concierge calls” to take care of all over town.

And you can forget the fantasy of arriving home to your luxury villa with an exquisite buffet or attentive butler waiting to serve you. Upstairs, the beds won’t be turned down, the bathroom will not be ready, and dinner will not be prepared.

In fact, the lack of hands-on service will feel less like a luxury vacation and more like home. Or, if you’re accustomed to hands-on service at home, it’ll feel even less than home.

The fact is, luxury villa concierge services are nothing like the attentive service you’d receive in a luxury 5-star resort. This is because concierge services are not pro-active but re-active. Generally, they operate out of a small, dingy office in the center of town that is filled with dirty vacuum cleaners, cleaning supplies, and crates of cheap giveaways that bear no resemble to the level of quality that luxury travellers are accustomed to.

Similarly, concierges are not trained, refined hotel professionals, but rather are under-qualified amateurs who were more likely bike messengers in the past than concierges at the local Ritz-Carlton. In short, these concierge services cannot give you the level of service that they promise.

What to Look For in Luxury Villa Concierge Services

Sadly, there are few concierge services for luxury villas that you can rely on to give you that personalized touch that you are looking for. Be sure to avoid luxury villa rental agencies that use third party concierge services, or ones that offers few details on the kinds of services that are included in their rental fees. Many of these luxury villa rental companies throw around the word “concierge” to enhance their company profile, when in fact that they little to offer.

Instead, look for luxury villa rental companies that have their own in-house concierge services and state exactly what it is they offer. What you’ll want are concrete details, such as a full-time butler, welcome champagne and a buffet when you arrive at your villa, daily reliable housekeeping services, chefs, and more.

In addition, only a concierge service that invests its own resources into the villas that it rents out can really offer you a hotel-like experience. Look for luxury villa rental companies that spend tens of thousands of dollars worth of luxury goods and service personnel to take a luxury villa into a private luxury hotel experience and that don’t “nickel and dime” you over every detail.

Don’t settle for less. Do your homework and know for sure you’re getting top-notch concierge services before you make a decision.