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Monday, January 29th, 2018

Global Luxury Villas | Spectacular Homes at Exceptional Rates

Global Luxury

Villazzo is pleased to announce the launch of Global Luxury Villas After more than fifteen years in the business of providing fully serviced, 5-star-quality luxury villa rentals, Villazzo understands its clientele’s wishes for more options in travel destinations, rates, and a variety of rental properties from which to choose. That’s why Global Luxury Villas was born.

Global-Luxury-Villas exciting new platform is designed for travelers who do not require the extensive services that Villazzo traditionally provides. However, through Global Luxury Villas, a complimentary Villazzo concierge is included in the rate.

Global Luxury Villas

The Global Luxury Villas model differentiates itself with a “best price guarantee”. Find the same property for less and we’ll reimburse you the difference! Rest assured, our negotiated, lowest possible rates will never disappoint.

Global Luxury Villas is the ideal way to save when travelling as a family or group. Rent your own vacation villa or luxury home for comparably less than hotel prices.

Luxury Villas

It’s easy for Global Luxury Villas to rent out a home practically anywhere in the world, offering seventeen destinations across the globe and constantly adding to its portfolio.

Global-Luxury-Villas showcases top-notch rental properties selected according to strict standards in comfort, space, and aesthetics. Uninterrupted privacy is an added, priceless attraction.

Book yourself one of these villas for that next, special getaway – be it planned or last-minute – to the trendy French Riviera, multicultural Miami or the sultry charm of Sardinia and the ancient heart of the Aegean Sea. Who knows, you just might find your happy place nestled in Marbella, or rediscover why Tuscany is famous for its beauty. Or perhaps you’ll taste the good life in Mykonos, or find that heavenly piece of real estate at down-to-earth rates in Bordeaux. The world is yours. Just think how much you’ll see and save.

Don’t forget to check back soon and stay in touch if you don’t find the ideal location for your next adventure right now.

The best is yet to come.

Villazzo Offers Kosher Services

Thursday, October 12th, 2017

As the end of Yom Kippur opens the door to everything that is good and pleasant for you and your loved ones, Villazzo Operations Director, David Siauvaud opens his doors with outstanding Kosher Villas services for all to enjoy.

Villazzo is always one step ahead, consistently aligning its services with its clientele’s preferences. And, Kosher Food service has been a frequent request since Villazzo graciously established its first clients in 2002. Fortunately, Mr. Siauvaud comes with nearly a decade of relevant professional experience, and when he speaks about his current role at Villazzo, it is clear that he is a competent leader and a man who understands what Kosher food preparation is all about.

We asked Mr. Siauvaud a handful of questions regarding Villazzo’s Kosher Villas services. It is our pleasure to share with you his answers, delivered in the most charming and characteristic French accent.

What exactly does Villazzo’s Kosher food preparation entail?

“Well, when a ‘Kosher’ experience is requested, we work meticulously to accommodate our community when and where appropriate, from A to Z, really. We certify that the foods are Kosher – properly prepared in accordance with the Jewish dietary laws. Even our champagne aces the test.

The origins, significance and principals associated with “kashruth” – Jewish dietary laws – are complex. Our special behind-the-scenes preparations are rather extensive but it all happens in a convenient and timely manner.

As per enduring traditions, any contact between meat and dairy products is avoided at all cost, and the food is invariably treated according to specific laws. Should any meat be served, it is procured with a minimum of pain to the animal, for example. And, the food served will never contain those ingredients considered to be inherently unsuitable or unorthodox, like pork or shellfish.”

Are the food and kitchen inspected by a rabbi?

“Our Kosher Villas food suppliers are the best. Actually, quality control begins before the food is even introduced into the equation, with our selection of the villa and its amenities. Because meat and dairy are never to touch, the villa comes equipped with two refrigerators, two kitchen sinks, two dish washers, and all of the appropriate dishware, glassware, silver, etc. Before our guests arrive, a rabbi pays the villa a special visit to say his prayers and give everything his final blessing.

The inspecting rabbi examines not only the instruments and appliances used to prepare the meals but also the process by which our food is made and served.

Our aim is to ensure adequate supervision of purity, quality and overall compliance by our Kosher sources, suppliers and appointed staff.”

What about the staff? Who prepares and serves the food?

“The experience does not only adhere to Kosher customs, it is tailored to personal preferences and persuasions. In fact, you may request a male or female chef and/or butler. If there are women guests present at your villa, and everyone would feel more comfortable with a female butler, for instance, we would make certain that this is the case. That way the wives and moms can enjoy the pool and relax.”

Anything else you would like your guests to know?

Yes, you don’t have to be Jewish to request Kosher! It can be enjoyed be everyone!

Also, I would like larger families to know that we can help with transportation to and from the airport, if need be. This part of the trip can get a bit complicated for some and I encourage it. Our team is here to help in every way we can. I want our guests to be absolutely happy with every aspect of their stay.

Fortunately, Mr. Siauvaud and his Villazzo team are readily available to you for any further questions or special needs you may have. So, don’t hesitate to reach out and toast to life with them!

The Villazzo Team


Tuesday, September 27th, 2016
Miami Design Villa | VILLA CONTENTA: A PALM ISLAND STORY – Sep 2016

Miami Design Villa

If the interior elegance that simmers every turn in this sprawling Palm Island estate overlooking Biscayne Bay in Miami Beach, Fla., calls to mind Versailles, noble apartments in the 16th arrondissement or the playgrounds of the striking Madame de Pompadour, then your sensibilities are in line with the dream its designer had hoped to create. Corinne Sananes, head of the design department at Romeo Royal Gallery, is not only the designer of the 9,893-square-foot estate name “Villa Contenta,” she is the muse of Romeo galleries and partner of owner Claude Dalle, founder of the renowned showrooms and ateliers in Paris and Cannes that create an interior world of luxury, panache and enduring elegance. (more…)

Miami: Your autumn pick-me-up

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

It should come as no surprise that travelers often cite fall as the best time of year to experience Miami. Although much of the country begins to cool down in the month of October, the average high temperature in Miami sits around 85 degrees (approx. 30 Celsius). With tourist season long past, there’s also more freedom to enjoy the true Miami lifestyle (think ample beach space). If you’re still planning your fall Miami getaway, Villazzo still has some of its signature VillaHotels available.


1. Book Villa Azza (above): A modern and tropical waterfront escape on Palm Island (starting at $5,700 per night)



Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

Luxus und Laessigkeit in St. Tropez


Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

New St. Tropez Hotel Uses a Luxury Villa Rental Approach to Accommodations

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

Hotel Sezz St. Tropez

As luxury villa rentals are becoming more and more favored among elite St. Tropez vacationers, hotels are switching to to a “villa” format.

In most of the world’s most famous and exclusive vacation destinations, hotels usually become the predominant tourist infrastructure for vacationers. Ranging from economy to ultra-high pricing, you can usually find a wide range of hotel accommodations, offered by the world’s most popular hotel chains. This is most directly seen in Florida and California in the U.S. and in places like the Algarve in Portugal as well as many of the Spanish tourist destinations.

St. Tropez, however, has always been an exception to the rule.

Because St. Tropez has always managed to retain its small-town personality — in spite of the fact that millions of people visit the town annually, there are less than 6,000 Tropéziens that live there year round — large hotel chains have never been able to fully dominate the St. Tropez vacation experience. Add to this a new movement to tear down clubs and businesses along Pampellonne Beach in order to preserve the natural beauty of St. Tropez, and it becomes even clearer why Hilton, Sheraton, or Marriott has not been able to stake a claim to its tousrist market.

The hotels that dominate St. Tropez tend to be more of the boutique hotel and bed and breakfast variety. No mega-hotels, to be sure. But what has been the strongest vacation tradition in St. Tropez are luxury villa rentals — magnificent homes on the beach or overlooking the sea that give vacationers to St. Tropez the full native Tropéziens experience. From quaintly traditional to neo-contemporary, these luxury villas span the entire spectrum of size, decor, and price.

The popularity of luxury villa rentals in St. Tropez is clearly not going away anytime soon. In fact, some luxury villa rental companies are beginning to offer luxury hotel-style services, turning the villa living experience into a combination villa-hotel vacation.

As a result, new hotels in St. Tropez are beginning to take on the look and feel of luxury villas. Take, for instance, the Hotel Sezz Saint

Tropez — the newest addition to luxury hotels in St. Tropez. At first sight, Hotel Sezz seems like many other boutique hotels in St. Tropez: 37 rooms, designed by architect Jean Jacques Ory and designer Christophe Pillet, modern architecture and décor, spa complex, champagne bar, and soon-to-be Michelin-rated gourmet restaurant headed by chef Pierre Gagnaire.

At closer look, however, the Hotel Sezz is set up more like a cluster of small luxury villas — not a “hotel complex” alla The Ritz-Carlton or Hilton. The 37 rooms are classified as bungalows (30m²), cocoons (40m²), or actual “villas” (90m² with private pool), and each of them offer direct access to the hotel’s facilities, such as the swimming pool, garden, and terrace.

The only problem is, no matter how much Hotel Sezz or any of the other boutique hotels in St. Tropez try to offer their guests the luxury villa experience, the shared, public facilities never offer the same privacy and exclusivity as a true luxury villa rental. And because luxury villa rental companies like Villazzo now offer VillaHotel services that rival the finest five star hotel services, it remains to be seen if even

luxury villa rental in St. Tropez

Villazzo's St. Tropez Luxury Villa Rental "La Forge," complete with VillaHotel services.

these small, exclusive luxury hotels will be able to keep up with the luxury villa rental industry in St. Tropez.

Furthermore, as St. Tropez’s city council continues to move in the direction of natural preservation of the town and beach, private luxury villas will continue to be favored in new construction permits over hotel complexes, since single family dwellings ultimately offer less erosion to natural beauty and minimal increase in the use of resources.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that luxury hotels are going anywhere in St. Tropez. To be sure, many people stay in them each year and continue to keep that portion of the travel industry up and running. More and more, however, guests in these boutique hotels look to stay in luxury villa rentals for next trip to famed St. Tropez.

Luxury Villa Spotlight: VillaHotel Imana in St. Tropez

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Although the new trend in St. Tropez is supposedly “authentic luxury,” the new crop of ultra-contemporary hotels there seem to be out luxury villaof place. But this luxury villa really combines a modern interior with a traditional exterior for total luxury throughout.

Search the web about St. Tropez these days and you’ll come across a lot of coverage about the new boutique hotels that have been appearing there, just in time for the peak summer season. The Muse Hotel has made a lot of news: with its 15 little “villas,” its layout is supposedly a reflection of the trend toward traditional, authentic St. Tropez luxury , much in the way that Bardot discovered it back in the day.

But these new hotels are about as authentic and traditional as the Guggenheim Art Museum.

The manager of the Muse recently was quoted as saying, “We want to build a brand of boutique hotels that offer refinement and culture and puts excellent Asian service into a French cocoon.” Correct me if I’m wrong, but Asian service — regardless of what you may think of it personally — is most certainly not going to give you an authentic St. Tropez experience.

Similar questions can be raised about the other new players in the St. Tropez boutique hotel market: La Réserve Ramatuelle is another contemporary art masterpiece — impressive, no doubt, but about as quintessentially St. Tropez as Disney World.

The fact is, luxury villas are the only real option for experiencing St. Tropez the way it used to be. And what’s for, if you still have a thirst for contemporary decor, you can both.

Set amid the rugged terrain of the countryside, VillaHotel Imana offers an exquisite blend of traditional French elegance with modern décor and amenities. Private, garden-lined terraces invite you spend your days outside on the manicured lawn or pristine, Olympic sized pool, or entertain into the night with an outdoor barbeque and covered lounge.

This luxury villa features large windows and an open floor plan that give you an exceptional view of the gardens, pool, and outdoors around every turn of VillaHotel Imana, while the villa’s traditional exterior design gives way to sleek, minimalist contemporary décor inside. In addition, the living and dining rooms as well as the 4 bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms are all remarkably unified in their furniture and decoration, offering a mix of artistry and comfort. The kitchen and bathrooms all feature contemporary appliances and fixtures that will captivate your senses, while the rest of VillaHotel Imana offers plenty of space and comfort.

And because the VillaHotel Imana features Villazzo’s industry-leading VillaHotel services, you get the perfect combination of five-star hotel services with the comfort and privacy of a traditional luxury villa in St. Tropez.

So, if you’re looking to experience the authentic St. Tropez holiday, be sure to choose a luxury villa like the VillaHotel Imana — it’ll give you the best of both worlds.

Luxury Villa Spotlight: V Villa Julia in Miami Beach

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

Luxury villas are a dime a dozen in Miami Beach, and few really stand out among the crowd. But Villazzo’s V Villa Julia’s design, décor,

Luxury Villa V Villa Julia

A view of Villazzo's V Villa Julia - a luxury villa in Miami Beach

and features bring the very best that Miami Beach has to offer to your own vacation experience.

Few luxury villas in Miami Beach capture the sun, sea, and warmth quite like V Villa Julia. Decorated in bright, inviting textures and featuring an open design both inside and out, this luxury villa lets in the light and natural beauty of this 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom bayside property seep into your luxury vacation. Large windows highlight the living and dining areas as well as the kitchen and bedrooms, giving you an enchanting view of the bay, pool, and terrace night and day. Luxurious bedrooms with sitting areas and en suite bathrooms making going to sleep and waking up a pleasure.

Outside, V Villa Julia luxury villa features a multi-level terrace – perfect for outside dining and entertaining – as well as a vanishing edge pool with cascading waterfall, barbeque area, and a bayside dock. And because it’s just 5 minutes from the beach, V Villa Julia has everything you need from a luxury villa to experience the very best of Miami Beach.

Luxury Villa V Villa Julia

The living and dining areas of luxury villa V Villa Julia

In recent years, the contemporary design movement has overtaken Miami Beach, and though this exclusive neighborhood of luxury villas boast modern, sprawling, mansion-sized homes, many of them appear as pastiche recreations of authentic contemporary Miami properties. Julia, however, features a layout that is seldom seen in recent luxury villas in Miami Beach: it connects the interior with the exterior by way of its capacious windows and tasteful decor.

Around every corner, you’ll find a minimalist yet inviting set of furniture, housewares, and design elements, most of which are done in white or beige. This bright, blank color palette, however, perfectly complements the rich, colorful palette of the outside landscape, which pours into virtually every square foot of this luxury villa by way of its windows. As you can see from the photo to the right, palm trees, blue skies, and the bay serve as the color throughout V Villa Julia.

Article by Michael Nace

Captivating Capri: A New Generation of Luxury Villas Attract The Rich & Famous.

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Luxury villas have populated Capri since the 1950s. But the new crop of luxury properties on the island are a far cry from sixty years ago.

It’s ironic how the vast majority of exotic luxury tourist destinations throughout the world once were nothing more than modest fishing villages, agrarian communities, and isolated islands. As far back as Roman times, there have always been resort destinations for the ultra-rich and powerful. But these destinations come and go, and what ultimately seems to attract this new generation of luxury travellers is not just modern architecture, contemporary decor, and a bristling nightlife, but rather a mix of these things with a setting that is quaint, traditional, and features natural, untouched beauty.

Perhaps this is why the Italian island of Capri has quickly become a luxury travel destination that rivals St. Tropez and Marbella. Like these other famous vacation spots, Capri is an old, humble settlement in the Mediterranean. In fact, people have been living on the island consistently since the Roman Empire. But it wasn’t until the 1950s that Capri because a place where people wanted to vacation in luxury.

Since that time, Capri’s reputation as a haven for luxury, privacy, and exclusivity has continued to increase, attracting more and more upper-income luxury travelers year after year. For many years, the level of luxury found in the villa rentals on the island failed to match the expectations of the clientele, opting instead to stay in hotels as opposed to luxury villas.

In 2010, however, we find a remarkably improved collection of luxury villas on Capri that offer amazing views, captivating properties, and the ultimate in comfort and luxury.

The Villa Venere, for example, personifies the new crop of ultra-private luxury villa rentals that command an amazing view of the island. While the villa is only a few minutes from the center of town, Venere’s convenient locale is counterbalanced by an incredibly private, panoramic setting that offers incredible sea views overlooking the other islands of Capri.
The grounds and outdoor facilities around Venere match its captivating views, with a natural, well-tended garden, pristine swimming pool, walkways, and terraces for outdoor enjoyment, all set against the brilliant alabaster façade of the villa’s traditional-meets-modern exterior. The interiors of this luxury villa are also worth noting, infusing a mix of modern and antique furniture throughout the roomy, comfortable living and dining areas.
This approach of bringing guests of luxury villas in Capri out into the natural beauty of the island has even stretched beyond the island’s borders to the nearby Sorrento peninsula, where ferries regularly traffic vacationers from the Italian mainland. Here, we also find a new collection of distinctive luxury villas that offer amazing luxury, privacy, and communion with the enchanting Italian coastline.
The Villa Terranova, for instance, is nestled of a picturesque wooded hill, overlooking the Gulf of Sorrento. Terranova offers luxury vacationers a virtual haven of luxury and comfort. Because the villa features a unique split-level design that blends seamlessly into the hill itself, enriching outdoor gardens and vistas blend seamlessly with indoor living.
Outside, Terranova is surrounded by lush lawns, gardens, and terraces that overlook the sea. Most notably, a rooftop terrace features a unique swimming pool that allows guests to swim above a panoramic view of the region. Together with a lounge area and barbeque, guests have access to a space that is perfect for lounging, dining, or sunbathing amidst one of the most enriching vistas in Sorrento.
True to form, the interiors of Terranova are equally as unique, featuring a unified modern décor and furniture throughout, as well as provocative lighting, sun-lit windows, and French doors. A full-function spa, complete with large Jacuzzi, Turkish bath, and shower, complete Terranova’s vision of luxury and comfort.
The quest for the ultimate in luxury travel will never cease; the travel industry will always continue to develop new means of vacationing in

privacy and luxury. The island of Capri and its surrounding region, however, are now most definitely at the vanguard for offering
everything that the luxury traveler is looking for in an exclusive vacation destination.