Frequently Asked Questions about Villazzo's VillaHotels product lines


What is a "VillaHotel"?

  •     Villazzo's VillaHotel Concept is unlike any other in the industry; it is much more than just an off-site concierge service which is commonplace in the industry.

  •    Villazzo literally transforms a luxury villa into a private, 5-star hotel experience. The transformation process enhances every fine detail of your villa vacation experience, ensuring that you receive only the finest services and amenities while enjoying your vacation.

  •    VillaHotels offers a full team of service personnel, including a full-time butler, and luxury hotel amenities.

What is the difference between Villazzo and a traditional "Villa Rental"?

  •    What is missing in the traditional villa market is a "hotel manager/operator" that elevates a villa rental beyond a "real estate" experience to a "luxury hotel" experience.

  •    To operate like a true hotel, a substantial investment is required to employ a team of industry professionals and products. Villazzo is a hotel operator and has made this type of investment feasible by spreading the overhead cost across a number of properties.

Why are Villazzo VillaHotel rental rates higher than other rental rates like Homeaway and Airbnb?

  •    VillaHotel rates are consistent with world-class, 5-star hotels, with the added benefit that Villazzo offers privacy and a personalized touch of your very own exclusive villa.

  •    Unlike other home rentals, with Villazzo your house will be well kept, the amenities will be replenished, the linens will be luxurious, the cooking utensils will be complete, electronics and appliances will be in good working order. This is a rarity in traditional rentals!

  •    With Villazzo, you truly get what you pay for, whereas other online websites may charge less, but mostly fail to offer a product that is worth the rental investment.

Villazzo a "Destination Club?"

  •    Villazzo is not a Destination club, there are no annual membership fees – you only pay for the days you stay at Villazzo.

  •    While a Destination Club may offer a wider range of destinations and properties, VillaHotels offer private ultra-luxury homes, estates, and villas with complete privacy.

  •    Destination clubs promise up to 60 days of vacationing, however, the reality is that 15 to 20 club members share each property, making it virtually impossible to stay more than one or two weeks in a destination club property per year.

When renting a VillaHotel, do I rent the entire villa, or just as many rooms as I need?

  •    VillaHotels are your own personal hotel – you do not share them with other guests. Therefore, you must rent the entire VillaHotel and not on a per-room basis.

  •    You can, however, rent VillaHotels per night – unlike other rental villas, which are only available by the week.

How many guests can stay at a VillaHotel?

  •    Villazzo properties range in size from 3 to 8 bedrooms.

  •    As a rule, no more than 20 people may stay on the grounds during the day.

How many destinations are available for guests?

  •    Villazzo vacation experts begin by selecting only the most exclusive destinations throughout the world, that can be serviced and maintained at the high levels of the VillaHotel Standard.

  •    VillaHotels are currently available in Miami Beach, St. Tropez, Aspen, St. Barth and Ibiza.

How many Properties does Villazzo have in each destination?

  •    To meet the highest standards of our discerning clientele, we hand-select only the finest ultra-luxury homes.

  •    Villazzo only appoints the 10 most luxurious properties per destination as "VillaHotels". Villazzo offers a diverse range of properties that vary in size, amenities and architectural styles.

  •    Properties are all centrally managed by a local office with full hotel staff. The staff is shared among the VillaHotels in that destination city.

  •    Villazzo consistently upgrades the portfolio of properties to include the newest, most beautiful villas, assuring our guests the absolute best properties per destination.

Can I view the Properties before I stay in them (pictures, Location, Video, Floor plans, etc.)?

  •    Visit the destinations page of this web site, and click on a location to view the VillaHotels of your choosing.

What are the Property Value and Rental Rates of a typical VillaHotel?

  •    Villa Hotel property values range from 2.5 to 30 million USD, and have a daily rental rate between $1,200 and $26,000.

  •    Rates vary by season, duration, destination, and service level.

What services can I expect from a VillaHotel?

  •    VillaHotels provide guests with the following services (all of which are included in the nightly rate): full-time dedicated personal butler/concierge, daily housekeeping and linen change, off-site laundry of linen and towels, in-suite dining menus, daily international newspapers, flower service, daily supply of fresh fruit and juices, fully stocked bar, humidor with choice of personally selected cigars, and well-stocked refrigerators and mini-bars.

  •    VillaHotel guests have access to: exotic car rental, chauffeured limousines, "Restaurant at Home" services; a nanny; personal massage and spa treatments either on-site or at nearby, top-rated facility; personal trainers; helicopter and aircraft charter, yachts and watercraft rental; shopping and delivery services.

What technologies are VillaHotels equipped with?

  •    All VillaHotels come with the latest entertainment and business technology. This includes business-class hotel phone systems, teleconferencing capabilities; wireless network; pre-configured Villazzo laptops with network printer; ipads and extensive music selection linked to the home entertainment center.

  •    All VillaHotels also feature flat screen TVs in large viewing rooms or home theatres; Dolby 5.1 home theater systems; and state-of-the-art security systems.

How do I reserve a VillaHotel?

  •    Call +1 (305) 777-0146 (1-877-VILLAZZO) or email . Or book through any one of our many authorized agents.

  •    No cash payment accepted, credit card fees are non-refundable.

  •    Applicable local VAT taxes will be assessed based on location of villa destination (Miami 13%, St Tropez 10%, Aspen 11.5%).

  •    Cancellation of a booking may result in the partial loss of payments.

  •    A security/damage deposit will be collected with the last portion of the payment.