Destinations for Coming Together Over Thanksgiving

November 28th, 2022

This year Thanksgiving is set to be bigger than ever, as families make up for lost time over the past year. Taking place on Thursday 25 November in the US, the date is slowly creeping up. However, it’s never too early (or late) to plan ahead, and it all starts with a spacious vacation rental for all the family.

If you’re ready for a get-away, we’ve hand-picked seven of our favorite destinations for all the Thanksgiving feels.

For winter feels – Aspen

Warming the coldest of hearts, the powdery slopes of Aspen invite you over for a long weekend. Cosy up in front of the fire and get in the festive mood, with log fires burning and eggnog brewing! It’s a romantic choice for couples, as well as popular with families too.

With their huge kitchens and endless dining space, Aspen villa rentals were made for big family gatherings. There’s also a number of resorts serving Thanksgiving dinner, including Der Fondue Chessel and Ski Tip Lodge to name a few. When the turkey has settled, Snowmass mountain beckons with some of the best slopes you’ll find in the US.

Family fun – Miami

Miami villas are known for their decadence, style and swimming pools. If you’re looking to combine Thanksgiving with a mini break, this is the perfect place for you. Villa Sasha, for instance, boasts seven spacious bedrooms, with a large private outdoor space and plenty of indoor dining options. Thanksgiving in the sun doesn’t get better than Miami.

For big party vibes – New York City

There’s thousands of reasons why New York is a great choice for Thanksgiving. But perhaps one of the biggest is the infamous Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. A stalwart in the diary since 1924, it attracts millions of party-goers with giant floats, musical acts and theatrical performance from Broadway stars. Perfect for couples and friends looking to party through the Thanksgiving weekend. Just be sure to book your villa rental in advance, as it gets busy.

The ultimate get-away – Hawaii

November is a great month to visit Hawaii – the busy crowds have dispersed and the weather is perfectly warm. Just a short flight from the west coast, it manages to feel a world away. If you fancy something a little different, try a luau Thanksgiving feast, full of Polynesian flavour – fun for all the family. And while you’re there, why not hit up the waves – since it’s home to some of the best in the world.

Beach life at its best – St Barth’s

Bring together your loved ones under the luxury and beauty of one of the best St Barth’s villa rentals on the island. This is the best way to enjoy privacy and luxury under one roof. Hire in a catering company to cook up your Thanksgiving feast, or take to one of the many five-star restaurants on the island. When the celebrations are over, there’s plenty of tranquil beaches for fully relaxing and making the most of your time on the island.

Calling all kids – Orlando, Florida

One for the kids (and big kids) amongst you! Orlando is home to some of the most luxurious villa rentals, hotels and of course Disney World. This Thanksgiving, the theme park is hosting all sorts of options for families within its resort, which means you don’t have to miss out whilst having fun with Mickey Mouse. Reassuringly, the standard is high here, so you won’t go wrong wherever you decide to book.

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Must-Visit Destinations to Add to Your Family Track Bucket List

October 13th, 2022

When it comes to the very best in luxury villas, first-class vacations and adrenaline-filled action, it’s rarely orientated towards families. However, just because the kids are in tow, it doesn’t mean you should miss out.

From the crisp-cold shores of Iceland, to the rolling terrain of Yellow Stone Park and all that’s in between, here’s five kid-friendly action-packed destinations that the whole family will enjoy.

The Great Barrier Reef – North Queensland, Australia

Australia is a mammoth place to conqueror. So, if you’re with the family, why not focus on North Queensland – a popular spot for adrenaline-junkies – little ones too! And with year-round warm weather, there’s never a bad time to visit.

First and foremost, the main attraction here is The Great Barrier Reef. The world’s largest coral reef is a spectacle to see, with over 1,600 species of fish to marvel at. Come and snorkel or scuba-dive, there’s also plenty of conservation projects for children to learn more about. In nearby Cairns, children can swot up on local flora and fauna native to this part of the world. And when you’re ready for a rest, leave your luxury villa rental behind and jet off to the Whitsundays. This nearby archipelago of 74 tropical islands is a must – you’ve come this far after all.

Best for: families that like to swim and surf.

Rovaniemi, Finland

The capital of Finland is more than just home to Santa Claus. This winter garden is a visual feast and extreme sports haven, for those who like to get off the beaten track. Start your travels with a visit to the local museum and science centre “Arkitkum” this will give you an appreciation for its bold weather and environment. Then it’s time to dive right in to all the fun sports on hand. Reindeer and husking sledding is a popular sport here – time your travels during December to pair this with a visit to Santa’s Grotto – a truly memorable experience for kids. It’s just one of several activities on offer. You can get involved in snow tubing, cross-country skiing and a favorite local pastime: ice fishing! What’s not to love?

Best for: extreme winter sports activities

Yellowstone National Park, USA

There are over 423 national parks in America. What makes Yellowstone so special is its breathtaking terrain, geysers (gas fired water holes) hot springs and wild animals. It’s a bit of a cross between Yogi Bear and going on Safari – making it perfect for family vacations!

Sure to wow the children, this 3,500 sqm wilderness is located in land-locked Wyoming. When travelling with little ones, you will benefit from avoiding peak heat, perhaps April, September or October. This lower peak season also means you’re more likely to catch a glimpse of some of the rare wildlife too. This includes bears, elks, bison and wolves. Yes, wolves.

Far away from the comfort of your luxury villa rental, there are designated camping spots for those brave enough to pull up a tent for a night or two… Surrounded by luscious greenery, tranquil forests and dramatic canyons and rivers, it’s a wonderful place for reconnecting with nature. Take note – bears start to emerge from hibernation in early spring.

Best for: boy scouts and girl cubs.

Reykjavik, Iceland

With its rich Viking history and fresh glacier air, Iceland is one of the most magical destinations for all the family to enjoy. It’s also quite remote, so basing yourself in the capital Reykjavik will serve you well. One of the safest countries in the world, expect a warm friendly welcome, from locals that are excited to tell you all about their history. A great place to start is the National Saga Museum, offering ‘close encounters’ to Vikings up close and personal. A trip this far, however, would be incomplete without a visit to the Blue Lagoon. This geothermal spa brings people from the world over to experience its mineral rich water in extreme surroundings. Kids will particularly enjoy whale-watching off the coast of the island, despite the early start, it promises quite a spectacle. Finally, for all those Game of Thrones feels, head to Skaftafell, Vatnajokull National Park to witness gushingwaterfalls and breathtaking beauty at your feet.

Best for: wellness holidays

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Sizzling Eastern Asian Cities to Visit in 2022

September 29th, 2022

Now that travel is back, we’ve got some making up for lost time to do. Step out of your comfort zone and try the road less travelled. Eastern Asia is one of the trending destinations for 2022, and we’re about to reveal five of the best cities to visit. Before you book your luxury villa rental, be sure to read this first!

Tokyo, Japan

Food, fashion, and futuristic vibes – Tokyo is a city you can’t help but fall in love with, if only for its originality and sheer brilliance. After all, anywhere that paints smiley faces on buses, and offers private karaoke pods for one, is a city worth visiting! Showa Memorial Park is a good place to get a feel for the lay of the land  and appreciate it’s natural beauty, especially its full blossom. This is a city of skyscrapers, so make the most of it from any of the towering city bars, including at the Four Seasons for all the views. When in Tokyo, you simply must try the wagyu beef, and where else than Gonpachi. If it’s tiered seating looks familiar, that’s because it’s straight out of Tarantino’s Kill Bill movie – the beef isn’t bad either!

Seoul, South Korea

Ever since the explosion of K-pop, the world has gone crazy for South Korean culture. This new and exciting world is ready to be discovered, and Seoul is the perfect gateway to it all. Shake off the jetlag with a barefoot walk around the serene and pretty Changdeokgung Palace as you find your bearings. Next, the N Seoul Tower is a must – this iconic building towers 774 metres into the clouds and is the place to go for selfies. A visit to Seoul would be incomplete without experiencing its bustling food scene. Start at Gwangjang market and sample a wide variety of local food and ingredients you’ll be sneaking back to your villa rental to rustle up. For a totally different vibe, two hours away by train is Gyeongju – an open-air museum of historic relics and artefacts that you won’t have seen anywhere else. In all, Seoul is a fascinating city, and with it being so undiscovered, now’s the perfect time to visit.

Taipei City, Taiwan

Named as one of the top cities of 2022 by Lonely Planet, Taipei is the East Asian trending city of the moment and it deserves your full attention. From fascinating religious traditions to a sizzling food scene, you’ll be most surprised with its ever-changing terrain. Spend the morning on the beach, and the evening in the mountains, so vast is its picturesque landscape. A photographer’s paradise, you won’t go a moment without wanting to capture its raw beauty.

Beijing, China

Home of this year’s Winter Olympic Games, Beijing is one of the more popular cities for travel to East Asia, especially for business. Here you can experience traditional Chinese culture within accessible surroundings. For instance, it’s famous tea culture and lesser known opera scene, are all worth sampling. Perhaps though, what makes Beijing so compelling to visit is the contrast between old and new and how they’re interwoven in every sense. From its youthful versus ageing population, to its modern luxury villa rentals alongside maze-like huntongs – nothing can prepare you for the such stark contrasts.

Kyoto, Japan

Sitting on the island of Honshu, the tranquil setting of Kyoto will have you reconnected to the world in no time. Adorned by some 2,000 temples and shrines, as well as geishas and quaint wooden houses, it’s like something out of a fairy-tale. It’s like you’ve stepped into another world and escaped the rat-race forever, in this peaceful, ethereal and serene setting with religious architecture at every turn. Be sure to complete your stay with a visit to Higashi Hongan-ji, where you can hear the faint chant of monks throughout its landscaped gardens. The less crowded and more affordable alternative to Tokyo, is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

Best Activities to Enjoy in Turks and Caicos

September 14th, 2022

Gwyneth’s a fan, Oprah’s a fan, even Drake’s a fan. But who wouldn’t be with 350 days of sunshine and 230-miles of some of the world’s best beaches. It can only be the Turks and Caicos islands…
If you’re planning a visit to this breathtaking archipelago of islands, then it’s time to book your Turks and Caicos luxury villa rental and get ready for the trip of a lifetime, here’s the lowdown on the best activities.

The best of beach life
Surrounded by nothing but turquoise waters and stretches of soft white sand, this is the place for beach life at its best. There are so many idyllic coastlines to choose from, but Grace Bay Beach and Parrot Cay are noteworthy crowd-pleasers.
Not content with just basking in the sunshine? There’s plenty of water-based activities to inspire. Head to The Bright Reef and Smith’s Reef in Providenciales for a memorable underwater experience snorkelling amongst the coral reef. Take it up a notch at West Caicos Marine National Park- welcoming to both snorkelers and divers with 397 hectares of protected land to explore. Accomplished divers should make the time to visit French Cay. Here you can experience drops of over 6,000 feet and reefs with an abundance of fish, rays, sharks and when in season – even Humpback whales.
If you’re better above sea level, then a favorite tourist attraction is jet-skiing around ‘La Famille Express’. This decaying shipwreck is quite the draw, and afterwards you can jet over to Dellis Cay to marvel at giant-size star fish – the kids will love it.
For a more luxurious experience, there’s plenty of private yacht charters to see the island in style. If you have a private dock, some of these will even collect from your Turks & Caicos villa rental. Tailor the trip to your preference, be it visiting the local beaches, reefs or islands – it’s a delightful way to spend a day.

Explore the island
This is the perfect landscape for exploring nature in all its extremes. Start with Conch Bar caves in Middle Caicos, this is the largest non-submerged cave system in the Bahamas and an unusual place to tour – look out for low-flying bats and prehistoric ruins!
Be at one with nature at East Bay Islands National Park. This stunning vast land is home to flocks of wildlife, bird life and mangrove wetlands – a soothing backdrop for boat trips and kayaking its lagoon-like waters.
Finish the extreme tour with a bird’s eye view of Grace Bay. There’s a number of reputable parasailing companies that will take you up to 500 feet for incredible views of the beach, the barrier reefs and the large sea animals below.

A foodies paradise
Whether you’re entertaining friends in your Turks and Caicos villa rental, or being entertained in one of its many five-star establishments, the food scene here is sizzling. Local cuisine is fragrant, filling and joyously healthy. Boiled fish and grits, conch fritters, and grilled lobster tail are popular dishes, with an unmistakable Caribbean kick.
The iconic Da Conch Shack is a great place to sample local staples, especially its namesake conch. There’s live music on Wednesday-Sunday evenings, making it a lively and inviting spot for kicking back and having fun.
In South Caicos, The Great House is a romantic clifftop retreat, with panoramic views across the Atlantic Ocean and a first-class fine dining menu – the jerk chicken is a must. Nestled away in the Providenciales, Grace’s Cottage is a gem of a find – this bijou homely setting offers creative seafood dishes with world-class cuisine. As one of the most famous restaurants on the island, be sure to book in advance.
Finally, a favorite with the jet-set elite, Coyaba at Grace Bay offers a sophisticated setting for dining alfresco. Using fresh seasonal produce, the tropical setting is popular with couples and foodies, under the helm of Chef Paul Newman.
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Getting Around Mykonos in Style

August 1st, 2022

A quick look at Mykonos on a map makes it look like a blimp in the Aegean seas, and at just

10km, it probably is. However, that doesn’t stop it from being a first-class destination when it comes to luxury travel.

After all, this is an island that’s not like the other. It’s a paradise and preserve of the rich, famous and beautiful, where only the best will do. From luxury Mykonos rentals to private super yachts, this Greek island is for those who like the finer things in life. So when it’s time to see the sights, parade its beaches and dine in its many restaurants, you’ll want to get around in style.x

However, this is Greece and anything goes – so buckle up and read on – you’re in for a ride.


The roads of Mykonos are in good condition, if not small and windy in parts – as if meant for the humble scooter. Renting a motorbike is one of the easiest ways to explore the beaches, bays and beauty spots on the island, and there’s plenty available for visitors. Public parking is another story entirely, but shouldn’t be a problem in your Mykonos villa rental at least. Scooters come in all shapes and sizes, to style it out, seek out a BMW R1250 for all those Top Gun vibes!

Luxury car

While you won’t struggle for car hire in Mykonos, you may want to book as early as possible to nab the flashiest wheels on the road. The appetite for Mercedes soft-top’s and Jeep Wranglers is always high in these parts. Four-by-fours remain the best ways to see the island – which incidentally takes about 40 minutes end-to-end. Better still, hire a private driver to take you around – this means you can enjoy the heady heights of Mykonos Town without the worry of how to get home after one Ouzo too many. We’ve all been there.


You won’t be out of place pulling up in your super yacht in Mykonos. The Greek islands are a magnet for sailing trips and island hopping, and most locations have well-equipped marinas for this very reason. Mykonos Marina, locally known as New Port, is still work in progress, but is the best place to moor up. However, some Mykonos villa rentals include water access and private docks, although these are always in high demand.


It’s not the traditional way to see the sights of Mykonos, but jet-ski’s do have their uses. Due to the nooks and crannies and geographical lay of the land, it can be easier to travel by jet ski from one part to another, particularly around the bay of Paralia Ftelias and charming Oronos beach. Less so for late night drinks in town!


There are only a handful of taxis on the island, making it quite a feat to flag one down. If you’re planning a trip out, it’s best to book ahead to reserve your transport. There are stands dotted throughout the city, including at the airport – however patience is the key here.

Water taxi

A fun and fast way to go from beach to beach is by local water taxi. The Platis Gialos Boat service serves the island, although don’t expect anything fancy from these fishing boats. Leaving promptly on the hour, they tootle off from key locations including Super Paradise and Elia. Starting from just €10, it’s a cost-effective solution too.

By Jimmy Choo

And finally, where possible you may want to resort to the oldest form of transport in the book: walking! Not only is Mykonos a stunning destination to walk around – you might not have a choice. Back in the day, Mykonos town was proclaimed an architectural landmark prohibiting cars from its streets, with  few exceptions.  This means lots of navigating your way through cobbled alleyways when you’re in town, the perfect excuse to invest in those Jimmy Choo sneakers.

The Sky’s The Limit – The Best City Rooftop Restaurants

May 27th, 2022

Dinner by the sea

Food and travel go together like a great meal and… well, stunning views. So when it comes to dining out in the world’s best cities, you’ll want the best seat in the house – which tends to be from the highest vantage point.

Rooftop restaurants are some of the most sought-after tables, so it’s wise to book in advance. Whether you’re on location in Mexico or  enjoying a romantic break from your Italian villa rental, here’s six of the most irresistible views with mouth-watering menus to boot.

Chef Fine Dining

Quince, Mexico

You’ll have to visit the sizzling heights of San Miguel, to understand why this restaurant is consistently named the number one rooftop restaurant in the world. Bringing casual dining to a stunning setting, the global menu is an equal showstopper. Choose from a wide variety of dishes, from sushi to burgers, where the portions are huge and hearty. However, if you’re really hungry the Cajan spiced grilled jumbo shrimp is a must. This is a fun spot, with popular tunes blasting and a young up-for-it-crowd gracing it. Views across the city showcase it’s gothic architecture – a great place for taking it all in.

Fine Dining Dish 1

Horizon Grill – Malaysia

Famous for its steep skyscrapers carving into the city skyline, Kuala Lumpur is a city best enjoyed from a height, and there’s nowhere better than Horizon Grill.

Tucked away on the 58th floor, it’s worth leaving your luxury villa rental to experience the glamour and grandeur of this breathtaking restaurant. Bringing all the Great Gatsby vibes, the terrace is the place to be. Here well-heeled socialites and business professionals intermingle under the bright lights of the city. The menu is fine-tuned to international favourites, with steak and seafood a must!

BANGKOK - THAILAND OCTOBER 22, 2017 : Twilight view from CRU Champagne Bar at Centara Grand at Central World, overlooking a magnificent cityscape of Bangkok.

RedSky – Thailand

In the ever-bustling neighborhood of Bangkok, RedSky is the spot for taking clients, loved ones and first-dates to impress. Towering over the Thai skyline, this buzzing bar and diner offers a dramatic setting from its neon-lit rooftop terrace. High on the 55th floor, you can bypass the smog of the city, and enjoy panoramic views across its vista. The menu is equally as vibrant as the setting, offering a season menu with Chef Christian Ham at the helm. Although the vibe is smart casual, this is a place for dressing up and showing off – much like the venue itself. Finally, don’t miss out on the daily cocktail hour – the perfect way to enjoy sunset Thai style!

Dubai, UAE - December 8, 2012: Burj Khalifa vanishing in blue sky. It is tallest structure in world since 2010, 829.8 metres.

Tomo, Dubai

When you’re tired of cooking in your Dubai villa rental and want to experience the city from a height, add Tomo to your to-do list. This dazzling Japanese restaurant brings sexy ambiance and first-class dining to the elite.

Located at the legendary Raffles Hotel, the rooftop terrace is an elegant and refined setting for wowing someone special. The minimalist design allows you to soak in the twinkling lights of the city in all their glory. It’s a prime spot for a selfies with famous skyscrapers and enjoying its tantalising tastes. Between 5-7pm every day there’s a happy hour to enjoy cocktails from the rooftop bar too.

dinner with wine on terrace in cafe

MILA, Miami

Within easy reach of your luxury Miami villa rental, MILA Is a standout restaurant in the heart of South Beach. Inspired by the elegance of nature, and with Mediterranean and Japanese infused menus, it’s a popular spot for a special night out.  A mecca for the rich and beautiful, there’s always a happy vibe here. Come for the epic two-hour brunch and enjoy live music from local DJs and seasonal cocktails (Spring in Osaka is a favorite) to wash it all down.

Amalfi Coast View 1

Marea at Hotel Delfino, Italy

With views across the Amalfi Coast and a mouth-watering authentically Italian menu, Marea might just be one of the most romantic spots in the world. Attracting a discerning jet-set crowd, you wouldn’t look out of place pulling up in your superyacht. With waterside views, you can literally hear the gentle waves break, as you soak up those stunning views and equally as mouth-watering menu.

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When in Greece…. The Top Activities To Do

May 16th, 2022

Sun, sea and kebabs… there’s more to Greece than meets the eye. From the mainland to the islands, there’s everything from world class luxury villas, through to hiking trails, yacht clubs and vineyards to spend a well-earned day.

Whether you’re in the mainland of Greece, or one of its many glorious islands, you’ll never be too far from a mega tourist attraction. Amongst these, the Acropolis and Parthenon are a must for history buffs in the Greek capital of Athens.
There’s no end of UNESCO world heritage sites to gawp at – 18 in Greece in total. So well preserved is the Medieval City of Rhodes, that it joined the list in 1988. It’s the perfect city to walk around and marvel at the 2.5 mile walls that define its skyline. Another popular UNESCO site can be found on the island of Delos. Take a day trip from your Mykonos rental and discover why it was once the religious center and major commercial port in Archaic and Classical periods.

Dining out
Greece’s bustling dining scene is a fusion of traditional classics and middle-eastern twists. Street food has really come into its own in recent years, and Athens does it better than anywhere else. Grab a gyro and a super strong Greek coffee and watch the world go by from any of its squares or cobbled streets. Failing that, ‘Funky Gourmet’ in Athens is a two-star Michelin restaurant, perfect for impressing.
In keeping with the hip vibe, Mykonos has its fair share of five-star eateries for its many discerning guests, often hailing from a luxury Mykonos villa. The trendy spot of Kiki’s brings all the taverna vibes, whilst Nobu is always a winner with the A-list crowd. Over in Santorini, Aktaion is an 80-year old taverna which never fails to disappoint, book a table for sunset and you’ll enjoy the best view in the house.

Outdoor sports
With its great weather and heavenly beaches, Greece is a haven for water sports and outdoor activities. Many luxury villas are equipped with their own spas, gyms and infinity pools. However, with miles of unspoilt beaches, Paxos is a popular island for enjoying water sports. The waters are crystal clear, making it idea for snorkelling and diving its many shipwrecks. Speaking of which, the stunning island of Zante is famous for its world-class beaches, including ‘Shipwreck Beach’ accessible only by boat.

Hiking and biking
Nature seekers are spoilt for choice in Greece. Whether it’s high in the Peloponnese, or sheltered in the windy roads of Santorini, there’s never ending terrains to discover. Naxos is known for its mountain villages, making it a serene spot for a quiet hike. For the ‘well travelled’ hiker, the gorge of Samaria is Europe’s largest and deserves to be visited
Finally for the serious hikers amongst you, The Menalon Trail is for the hardy only, stretching between two villages in Arcadia found in the breathtaking Peloponnese peninsula in mainland Greece.

The local produce of Greece is one of its greatest exports. From artisan cheese to honey and olives, some of our favorite staples originate here. When in Crete, the Lyrarakis Winery is a must for wine lovers. Housed in its 14 hectares of grounds is one of the most famous vineyards in the region – be sure to sample the olive oil too. Over in Santorini, the native volcanic soil is the perfect soil for wine-making, Argyos is one of several worthy of a visit.
Back to the island of Mykonos, and a little known fact is that cheese making does a roaring trade here. Take a guided tour or perhaps a cheesemaking class – it’s a popular pursuit.

Luxury Yachts
With its rich history and surrounding Aegean waters, the luxury yacht scene makes Greece a popular hangout for the rich and famous. Athens marina is the most famous of all locations for pulling up in your mega yacht, however many of the Greek Islands have their fair share of impressive ports too. Port Zakynthos is close to the blue caves and luxury Zante villas of the island, making it a hot spot for the yachting community. Meanwhile Sani Marina in Halkidiki remains a bustling port, with an on-site first-class facilities.

Formula 1 Comes to Miami – Here’s What You Need To Know

May 5th, 2022

Calling all petrol heads, Formula 1® racing is finally coming to Miami, and we’re already gearing up for an epic time!

Promising to be a spectacle, the Miami Grand Prix enjoys its inaugural race in the city on 8 May 2022, taking place at the Hard Rock Stadium. The highly anticipated event is expected to draw in the crowds – well placed for the wealthy jet-set elite it attracts. Tickets are now available to see world-class teams including Red Bull Racing, McLaren and Renault go head-to-head.

But more importantly than that, we’ve got a host of luxury Miami villas, top clubs and places to soak up the action on your visit.

Where to stay
For an event as prestigious as Formula 1®, you’ll want to stay in stylish surroundings. There is no shortage of Miami villas for rent, however, here are the top three locations for your visit.

Miami Beach
If you want to be central to the action, including all the top bars, clubs, restaurants and of course South Beach itself – then there’s only one place for it. This bustling area is well located to all fun, ensuring you never have to miss out. Staying in this vibrant spot, you can still find Miami villas that offer tranquillity and privacy, for getting away from it all.

The Venetian Islands
There is nowhere better, or more sought after in Miami, than the archipelago of dotted islands that connect Miami Beach to Downtown. Otherwise known as the Venetian Islands, this delightful location is surrounded by nothing but sunshine and sea. Luxury rentals Miami are in high demand here – be sure to book in advance.

North Miami Beach
If you’re here for the Formula 1®, and want to be in parking distance to the Hard Rock Stadium, then north of Miami Beach is a good place to base yourself. There’s also plenty of shops and golden stretches of beach in the area to enjoy during a visit.

Where to watch the race
You don’t need to have tickets to the Grand Prix to enjoy the action. Miami has a host of sports bars if you plan to visit the city to soak up the fun and atmosphere at this time.

Grails in Miami Beach is a typical pub with wall-to-wall sports anytime you visit. For something a little more slick, Black Market in Miami Bayside serves up mouth-watering burgers with HD action shown on its many large screens. Finally, ESPN will be streaming the race, so you can kick back from the comfort of your Miami villa rental and watch it in peace.

After parties
One of the many reasons Miami was chosen to host the Grand Prix, is owing to its cosmopolitan crowd and vibrant culture. As such, you can expect lots of fun, even after the race is over.

The F1 Race Weekend Miami Celebration kicks off May 4 on a new giant podium outside the Hard Rock stadium with DJ Kygo on the decks. This is just one of several events taking place as part of ‘Racing Fan Fest’ – a free four-day event of daily entertainment with family-friendly attractions to enjoy.

As part of this, the Major Food Group is hosting a four-night supper club on Carbone Beach with American Express and Resy as co-sponsors. Guests can enjoy a smorgasbord of treats from Chef Carbone himself, and naturally, surprise guests. While, bringing all the party spirit, Red Bull promises to keep revellers energized at the Faena Hotel, Miami Beach – before, during and after the race. This includes DJ sets, athlete performances and much more.

However, there’s only one after-party you want to be on the VIP guest list for, and that’s the Amber Lounge. This is the official Grand Prix party that follows Formula 1® around the world. This slick, seductive affair includes live performance from a line-up of talent, and a smattering of A-list stars.

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Why the Miami Property Rental Market is Booming in 2022

April 25th, 2022

When it comes to the property market, everyone wants to know what the next big trend is. But just look under your nose and you might realize why the Miami property management market is booming.

Sun, sea, beaches and five-star entertainment; there are some destinations that have it all, like say Miami.

So it’s no surprise that Miami continues to buck the market trend, as one of the key destinations for inward investment in 2022. Testament to this, the city celebrated its highest January sales this year according to the Miami Association of Realtors, from both domestic and international homebuyers.

Whether you’re thinking about getting into Miami property management, or renting out your property to maximize income, here’s some insight into why Miami real estate is booming right now.

Florida’s low taxes
One of the big draws to Miami is its low tax rate, which is currently set at 5.5%. According to a recent report, Florida boasts the “sixth-lowest tax burden in the U.S. and ranked 44th in individual income tax burden and 45th in overall tax burden.” It’s easy to see why it’s an attractive destination to live or invest in.

Finally and rather importantly Florida is a “no state income tax” state — only one of seven in the U.S. Need we say more!

Remote working
One of the big changes, thanks to the global pandemic, is the way we work. Remote working has become the new norm for many professionals, and is very much here to stay. A report published in Forbes shows that today a quarter of all professionals now work remotely. With this comes greater flexibility around lifestyle choices, such as where to live and base yourself from. With its stunning climate, great international connections and affordable real estate, Miami has become somewhat of a magnet to investors and Miami property management companies.

Low mortgage rates
Over the past two years, real estate in Miami has continued to break records, in no small part due to low mortgage rates. At the start of the pandemic mortgage rates were the lowest they had been in ten years. This favorable financing has continued to pull in buyers, and attract Miami property managers to the area.

Tech industry
A top trend that Miami property managers are seeing right now, is an influx of talent relocating to the city for work. Hand-in-hand with this, the city is enjoying an influx of investment from the tech industry, with brands such as Blockchain bringing their presence to the city. There’s even a suggestion that Miami could be the new ‘Silicon Valley’ which is no surprise with the first Bitcoin convention taking place this year in the city.

Lifestyle destination
But perhaps most compelling of all, given the past two years, the emphasis on living somewhere you love has never been more important.

Florida’s healthy lifestyle, glorious weather and five-star restaurants and bars make it a highly attractive place to live. That’s not all, the area has seen an impressive uptick in its facilities for families, be it shopping malls, schools and activities in the area, helping to expand its appeal beyond the youth and senior market. This has accounted for 2.7 million new residents to the city since 2010 alone.

Final thoughts
Miami has proven its credentials as a city to play and stay in. Attracting heavy hitters in the business world, and the subsequent talent it has brought to the city, has seen a surge in real estate demand, especially in the rental market. If there was ever the right time to invest in a buy-to-rent, the time is surely now.

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Six Standout Features Every Luxury Property Villa Rental Should Have

April 18th, 2022

The rental market may be having its time in the limelight, but with great opportunity comes great competition.

There was once a time where location and architecture defined what it was to be a luxury villa. Not anymore. As consumers become more tech-savvy and sustainability creeps up the agenda, luxury villa rentals need to step up their offering. Taking insight from our Miami property management team, here’s six must-have features to make sure your property stands out for all the right reasons.

Privacy and Security
A private and secure home is one of the top requests that Miami property managers receive. In terms of location, a luxury villa that has waterside access, uninterrupted views and no onlooking neighbors will have a great advantage – this especially includes properties positioned on islands or in highly desirable locations. That’s not all, homes should be will equipped with state-of-the-art security systems, better still if they can be activated through face recognition or an App remotely. Gated entry and private parking are also highly sought after features.

Remote Working facilities
With so many of us working remotely these days, especially when away on business, it’s important that luxury villa rentals reflect this trend. Miami property management companies have been inundated with requests for fully-equipped properties with home offices and excellent connectivity. This extends to boardrooms, and large screens for Zoom meetings, as well as properties with large space for entertaining clients and guests in style.

Keep in mind that today many people travel with their families in tow, even for work. As such, versatile properties that have multi-functional facilities will appeal to growing families.

Travellers are increasingly looking to combine business with pleasure. This means that properties must be equipped with all the necessary equipment for more than a fleeting visit. Health and wellbeing is a high priority, so personal gyms and swimming pools are a pre-requisite. To take it up another notch, indoor steam rooms, luxurious saunas and yoga and meditation hangouts are growing in popularity.

As mentioned, keeping properties family friendly is a smart move. Grounds with
basketball courts, tennis courts and direct access are in high demand.

Conscious consumerism has arrived, and with it so has the need for eco-friendly properties. From solar energy to geothermal heat, properties today need to have considerate features to appease discerning clients.

One of the growing trends is towards electric vehicles, so ensuring your property is equipped with charging points will stand you in good stead.

Deluxe touches
Villazzo properties combine the best in privacy with five-star hotel like facilities. This is what makes us one of the leading Miami property management companies. We know what it takes to dazzle guests, and it goes beyond beautiful décor and sunset views.
Guests are looking for the ‘wow factor’ that gives them bragging rights. For instance, a James Bond style wine cellar, an infinity pool complete with cascading waterfall, a private dock for your superyacht, a rooftop terrace with surround-sound system, a deluxe private spa and your own bar complete with summer kitchen. These are just some of the most talked about features customers love.

Entertaining rooms
A lounge – no matter how divine, is no longer enough. A games room, a personal cinema/theater, library and outdoor summer kitchen are just some of the demands of the rich and fabulous these days. Entertainment has come full-circle, and thanks to the pandemic, more and more guests are looking for ways to host events or celebrations within the confines of their private grounds. Be it the Super Bowl, a birthday or 4th July celebrations, a well-thought out luxury home should have a side room for hosting and impressing guests.

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