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Vacationing in Saint-Tropez This Summer? Be Seen With Hottest Handbags & Luggage For Luxury Travel!

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

In Saint-Tropez, fashion and luxury travel go hand in hand. Read about the latest designer handbag trends for 2011, and which bags are perfect of the luxury vacationer in Saint-Tropez.

With spring break around the corner, and the time to plan summer vacations in European luxury villa rentals already here, thoughts understandably turn to what to bring on your vacation–and what to pack it in.

There are many choices for gorgeous, well-made luxury luggage including traditional choices like Goyard, Louis Vuitton and Globe-Trotter and the new kids on the block, such as the newly launched Jimmy Choo 24:7 line and the beautiful crocodile bags and accessories offered by Nancy Gonzalez. Here we’ve gathered four great brands to help you on your way to choosing the perfect luggage for your vacation.

Globe-Trotter Luggage is synonymous with luxury and durability, and is even the brand chosen by Queen Elizabeth II for her honeymoon bags (one wonders what Kate and William will choose). The brand has six collections of sought after travel cases including the Original, which features the first Globe-Trotter model–a square suitcase featuring the company’s signature Vulcan Fibre corner details– and the Safari, a popular 1920s style. Also available is the vibrant blue Cruise collection cases with navy blue detailing and a white-and-blue pinstriped lining, the Centenary (featuring hand-made leather trim and great color and print options), and the uber luxurious Orient line, a perfect meeting of East and West. Keep in mind that not many Orient cases are available for purchase at any one time as each undergoes a time consuming and painstaking Urushi lacquer process, which is responsible for the cases’ high sheen. Bespoke options are also available.

Famed French firm Hermès has its roots in equestrian products and has retrained their ability to produce functional items that are also beautiful and luxurious. In addition to traditional cases, Hermes’ travel line also includes handmade tote and weekend styles fashioned out of supple calfskin and durable canvas. The company also makes some pretty nifty travel products like this 100% cowhide Ties Only case for men, a perfect way to store your Hermes tie when travelling.

Jimmy Choo isn’t just a producer of perfect sandals and great handbags anymore. As of this year the brand’s 24:7 collection is available for purchase and includes the perfect luxury luggage for any fashionista. The line includes everything from weekenders to carry-on trollies as well as matching laptop cases, luggage tags and chic passport holders in various fabrics, prints and colors. Think leopard, like the “Terence” luggage above, croc and sequins.

Goyard is another of those fabled French luxury firms, one that has been supplying the world’s well-heeled with luggage since 1853. Grab a case or a weekender bag (like the “Overnight” seen here) in the signature Goyard print and you’re assured a gorgeous piece. Whether buying retail or going the bespoke these are really bags you can’t go wrong with.

Have your perfect luggage and wondering where to go? Villazzo is excited about the upcoming summer vacation season, including the debut of the gorgeous Villa Nathalie in St. Tropez. If you’re looking to book a luxury villa rental in Europe this summer then take a look at Villazzo’s gorgeous options and be sure to book soon–they definitely won’t last long!

Villazzo CEO Christian Jagodzinski: “VillaHotel Nathalie is the Most Impressive Villa I’ve seen in Saint-Tropez Since 2010”

Friday, March 11th, 2011
villazzo villahotel saint-tropez

Villazzo's Founder & CEO Christian Jagodzinski

When it comes to luxury travel, it takes a lot to impress me.

That, after all, is what inspired me to start Villazzo in the first place: I wanted to create a luxury villa rental company that offered exclusive world travelers the finest luxury villas in the world’s top vacation destinations, complete with five-star luxury hotel service. This is what my VillaHotel Concept is all about.

Through my travels, I’ve been able to ascertain what I believe to be the world’s top luxury resorts, and they are the destinations that Villazzo currently focuses on: Miami Beach, Aspen, Saint-Tropez, and Capri. To be sure, there are other destinations that could be added to our selection (and maybe will someday), but currently these specific destinations are the ones that have a sufficient crop of luxury villas that meet Villazzo’s strict standards.

The next step is always to find the most exquisite, private, luxury villas in these destinations that can then be transformed into VillaHotels.

In a place like Saint-Tropez, that’s harder than you think: there are hundreds of houses in and around Saint-Tropez whose owners would like to think are considered “luxury villas.” But in order to determine if a house is truly deserving of the VillaHotel treatment, my team and I have to personally search and inspect the entire villa market in every destination. Most of the villas we see fail to impress.

But I recently came upon a new luxury villa in Saint-Tropez that might be the finest I’ve ever come across in Saint-Tropez!

The view, pool & patio at VillaHotel Nathalie

VillaHotel Nathalie


Villazzo Vibe – March 2011

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Villazzo VIBE
Villazzo’s March Newsletter
From Christian Jagodzinski, President and Founder of Villazzo
Christian Jagodzinski
As the vacation season comes into full swing in 2011, Villazzo has been busy adding breathtaking, new VillaHotels and “V” Villas to our roster of luxury properties in order to meet our personal goal of offering five select VillaHotels and 10 “V” Villas for each Villazzo destination.

Looking ahead to summer, we’ve also expanded our selection of luxury villa rentals for Saint-Tropez, which will be a major focus for us heading into the warm weather.

In the off-season, my team and I personally analyzed the entire luxury villa market of more than 200 villas in Saint-Tropez and discovered three of the best properties there. VillaHotels Nathalie, Nicole, and Isabelle are by all standards the top three luxury villas in all of Saint-Tropez for their size, décor, privacy, and amenities.

We also discovered “V” Villa Janina for this season as well, which offers one of the best values in all of Saint-Tropez based on its affordable weekly rate.

In addition, Villazzo has added exciting new properties to both the Miami and Aspen destinations. Since we are currently in the midst of the Aspen ski season, we’ve focused specifically throughout the winter on adding three stunning Aspen properties, all of which capture the charm, comfort, and luxury that Aspen is famous for.

Please take some time to read about our new VillaHotels and “V” Villas below, and plan to book your luxury vacation for the summer before it is too late!

Thank you for choosing Villazzo.

My warmest regards,

Christian Jagodzinski
President and Founder
Villazzo LLC

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Want To Be In Saint-Tropez For the Peak Season? Then NOW is the Time To Book Your Villazzo VillaHotel!

As you know, summer is upon us – and Saint-Tropez is gearing up for another season of exclusive fun and relaxation. If you’re planning on vacationing in Saint-Tropez for the peak summer season between July 15th and August 15th, then there’s no time to delay – all of the top luxury villas are being booked now and are going fast!


We’ve just added several brand-new VillaHotels and “V” Villas to our wide-ranging selection of properties in Saint-Tropez. VillaHotel Isabelle (starting at €10,000/night) is a luxury villa designed to bring the sunny St. Tropez summer right to you both inside and out. The villa features an impressive nine bedroom, nine bathroom design amidst traditional Mediterranean architecture.


VillaHotel Nicole (starting at €7,300/night) features plenty of outdoor amenities to entertain yourself or guests, such as an impressive swimming pool, lush gardens, and sunny terraces, while the six bedrooms and bathrooms, along with a comfortable, roomy interior offers comfort and luxury at its finest.


Last but not least, VillaHotel Nathalie (starting at €7,300/night) is perhaps the most spectacular luxury villa we have come across in Saint-Tropez to date, and is by far our premiere VillaHotel. This spacious 5-bedroom luxury villa features an incredibly private surrounding with helicopter pad, large swimming pool, and terraces with breathtaking views of the sea and beach, while the interior offers guests a level of elegance and comfort that is simply unmatched in Saint-Tropez.


Villazzo also has a new “V” Villa in Saint-Tropez as well. “V” Villa Janina (starting at €11,400/week) is a four bedroom, four bathroom luxury villa that features sunny terraces, beautiful views, an inviting swimming pool, and more. We believe it to be one of the best values in all of Saint-Tropez. Along with the new “V” Villa Clara (starting at €23,400/week), we now have a wide selection of affordable “V” Villas to choose from.
Here at Villazzo, we’ve already booked VillaHotel Nathalie for July. The good news, however, is that peak season vacation slots for our other top-notch VillaHotels, Isabelle and Nicole, are still available.
But time is running out, and all of our best properties will be completely booked for summer very soon!
Don’t get left out of the 2011 summer season in Saint-Tropez! Contact us now to book your vacation!

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March in Miami With Villazzo Means Music, Sun, and Fun!


While the world seems to be snow and ice covered, balmy Miami beckons to us all, with its abundant sun, salty breeze, and luxury living. Because Villazzo is headquartered in the heart of Miami Beach, we have our finger on the pulse of what’s hot and what’s not for each season.
And speaking of pulses, hearts will be racing to the beat of two of the world’s top music festivals, the Winter Music Conference and the Ultra Music Festival. The Ultra Music Festival runs from March 25th to 27th and features the world’s top electronic, house, and dance musicians on one stage, including Underworld, The Chemical Brothers, Moby, and New Wave progenitors Duran Duran.
Luckily for you, Villazzo has a wide range of VillaHotels and “V” Villas available for you to book for Ultra, or just getting away from the miserable end of winter!
We’re particularly excited to announce a new addition to our roster – VillaHotel Valentina(starting at $7,300/night). When you think of Miami luxury, you imagine a contemporary luxury villa with clean lines, panoramic windows, a stunning view, and amenities inside and out that satisfy your every desire. VillaHotel Valentina delivers all of this and more.
As an added bonus, we managed to negotiate special introductory pricing for VillaHotel Valentina that is well below its true market value and should normally rent for much more. Take advantage of our incredibly low rates on VillaHotel Valentina now!

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Villazzo Explodes Onto the Winter Vacation Scene in Aspen!


As we begin to see an end to the winter season, now is the last chance to book your exclusive luxury Aspen vacation with Villazzo! For a limited time, we are offering a 20% off promotion for VillaHotel Rose ($4,300/night instead of $5400/night). The sprawling, 7-bedroom layout, rustic décor, and private views of Aspen’s mountain vistas make VillaHotel Rose one of our favorite Aspen properties.
The 2011 ski season is quickly coming to an end in Aspen, so be sure to book your final ski vacation with Villazzo at VillaHotel Rose! Contact us for more information.

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Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Miami Mondaen – Reich und schoen in Florida – Mar 1, 2011


Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Villazzo VillaHotels is one component of Villazzo, the boutique villa company well-known in the US and Europe, partly because it is one of the most expensive, and luxurious, and also because it is modeled on a unique hybrid, combining the boutique hotel and villa models into one. (more…)