Valued Villazzo Client,

Allow me to share with you Villazzo's vision – and why I started Villazzo. After selling my Internet company back in the "dot com" boom, I decided to follow my passion for luxury travel.

While vacationing in very expensive villa rentals, I recognized that there was a missing "management" element in the luxury villa sector: Whereas in the hotel world, the chain is "building owner – hotel operator – agent – guest," in the villa world, the chain is only "villa owner – agent – guest". The "operator" is conspicuously absent.

Realtors or "villa agents" are paid to "close the deal". They have hundreds of villas in their portfolio, most of which they have never seen from the inside. They are neither paid nor prepared to create a luxury vacation experience. They have no hotel experience or training; no dedicated operations staff; nor any of the myriad of products you need to create a five star experience.

In the traditional villa rental world, once you have booked, the follow-up disappears. At best you'll get some "concierge" service by the realtor himself – who has no time at all between all the bookings he/she is handling. So you'll find yourself arriving in a dirty house, with an empty fridge, and a home theater that nobody knows to operate. The villa housekeeper is only available at certain hours, doesn't speak English, and has an attitude. If you want to dine at home and haven't brought your own chef, you'll have to cook yourself.

In short, there was no reliable "brand name" company out there that I could count on to pre-qualify and manage rental properties as being truly 5-star, and at the same time offer consistent hospitality services for my stay.

That is precisely why I created Villazzo.

Villazzo is a "five star hotel operator" for private luxury residences.

Villazzo picks the top 10 rental residences in destinations where we have a local office; where we have our own stock of linen and hotel products, and a "Hotel Manager" with his staff; all of which are essential for providing our unmatched 5-star service. In our "VillaHotels" you will be welcomed to your new home by the local manager and your full personal staff with welcome Champagne and hors-d'oeuvres. You will have everything set up for you like in a 5-star hotel: The bathrobes, the luxury bath products, fine linen, fruit baskets, liquor bar, mini bars, snacks, an exclusive wine selection, cigars, an in-villa gift shop, a "business center" with laptop and fax. It's all there waiting for you already. And you don't even have to think about it before.

Join us and experience first hand what a Villazzo VillaHotel is all about. I promise you will not be disappointed.


My warmest regards,


Christian Jagodzinski
President and Founder
Villazzo LLC