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Sunday, April 15th, 2018

Global Luxury Villas | Spectacular Homes at Exceptional Rates

Global Luxury

Villazzo is pleased to announce the launch of Global Luxury Villas After more than fifteen years in the business of providing fully serviced, 5-star-quality luxury villa rentals, Villazzo understands its clientele’s wishes for more options in travel destinations, rates, and a variety of rental properties from which to choose. That’s why Global Luxury Villas was born.

Global-Luxury-Villas exciting new platform is designed for travelers who do not require the extensive services that Villazzo traditionally provides. However, through Global Luxury Villas, a complimentary Villazzo concierge is included in the rate.

Global Luxury Villas

The Global Luxury Villas model differentiates itself with a “best price guarantee”. Find the same property for less and we’ll reimburse you the difference! Rest assured, our negotiated, lowest possible rates will never disappoint.

Global Luxury Villas is the ideal way to save when travelling as a family or group. Rent your own vacation villa or luxury home for comparably less than hotel prices.

Luxury Villas

It’s easy for Global Luxury Villas to rent out a home practically anywhere in the world, offering seventeen destinations across the globe and constantly adding to its portfolio.

Global-Luxury-Villas showcases top-notch rental properties selected according to strict standards in comfort, space, and aesthetics. Uninterrupted privacy is an added, priceless attraction.

Book yourself one of these villas for that next, special getaway – be it planned or last-minute – to the trendy French Riviera, multicultural Miami or the sultry charm of Sardinia and the ancient heart of the Aegean Sea. Who knows, you just might find your happy place nestled in Marbella, or rediscover why Tuscany is famous for its beauty. Or perhaps you’ll taste the good life in Mykonos, or find that heavenly piece of real estate at down-to-earth rates in Bordeaux. The world is yours. Just think how much you’ll see and save.

Don’t forget to check back soon and stay in touch if you don’t find the ideal location for your next adventure right now.

The best is yet to come.