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The New Luxury Travel Trend – Perfect for a Luxury Villa Rental!

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Travel professionals are always looking to pinpoint the new and popular when it comes to luxury vacations so that they can work to deliver what their clients are looking for. One trend that is rising in popularity when it comes to affluent travel? Shopping! A second big trend that is increasingly being seen is busy people looking to use their vacations to unwind, disconnect and totally escape–and what better way to do that to than find yourself a luxury villa rental to enjoy in total privacy?

According to a Euromonitor’s new Global Trends Report the prediction is that the luxury travel industry is “likely to see a rise in specialized holidays catering to tourists wanting to go shopping, or ‘escape’ from an increasingly connected world…The rise in luxury shopping trips is expected to be driven by tourists from the BRIC nations – Brazil, Russia, India and China – who are increasingly flocking to Europe and North America to throw their money around. Euromonitor said that there was already plenty of evidence of this trend, which is driven by growing middle classes in those countries, plus relatively high import taxes on luxury items.” If you’re looking to organize a vacation heavy on the shopping in Europe or North America, then you can’t really do better than locales like Miami, Aspen or St. Tropez all of which offer the very best in high end retailers and seasonal designer pop up shops.

On the other hand, if a “digital detox holiday” is more your speed then we can’t think of a better option to do just that than your very own luxury villa rental. Not only do Villazzo’s VillaHotel’s offer personalized service that more than rivals a five-star hotel, but you’ll also get all the privacy and comforts of home to enjoy during your detox. While luxury villa rentals will enable to you to stay connected if you so choose, these great properties–close to all the action, but separate enough to ensure privacy–can also be the perfect spot if you decide to unplug completely. Gorgeous locales from Miami and Aspen are wonderful spots to leave emails and phones behind while enjoying your luxury getaway.
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