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Villazzo Vibe – November 2010

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Villazzo VIBE
Villazzo News
Villazzo’s November Newsletter
From Christian Jagodzinski, President and Founder of Villazzo
Thank you for taking the time to read about the news and events coming up for Villazzo in November. 2010 has been a busy and successful year for us, and we’re planning on ending the year with a bang. In this issue of the newsletter, you’ll read about all of Villazzo’s new properties, the opening of our new office in Aspen, Christmas availability, and more. We hope we can help create the next luxury vacation of your dreams.

Thank you for choosing Villazzo.

My warmest regards,

Christian Jagodzinski
President and Founder
Villazzo LLC

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Miami and Aspen Properties Now Available for Christmas

We at Villazzo understand that some travellers like to flock to snowy Aspen for a winter ski trip, while others prefer spending a balmy winter in Miami. Even though many returning clients have booked already, select VillaHotels and “V” Villas are still available over Christmas / New Year’s.

Holiday availability in Miami:

  • VillaHotel Jasmine
    : Book now with promo code “Newsletter 1110” and receive a 10% discount!

  • VillaHotel Stella
    : Get the full, hotel-inspired experience of a VillaHotel at an entry price for the VillaHotel line of properties. Available now due to a last-minute cancellation. One of our clients’ favorites!

  • V Villa Florence
    : A spectacular “V” Villa choice for Miami Beach.

If a wintry landscape, world-class skiing, and snow-topped chalets are more to your liking, then now is the time to book Christmas in Aspen with Villazzo!

Holiday availability in Aspen:

  • VillaHotel Rose
    : I discovered this captivating Aspen villa and we just recently added it to the Villazzo line-up – a fantastic property at a great price!

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Villazzo Opens Shop in Aspen

Throughout my travels around the world, I’ve always found Aspen to be one of the captivating luxury destinations in the world today. That’s why Villazzo is pleased to announce that, due to high demand from our customers, we have opened a new office in Aspen and are offering several exclusive rental properties there. Alexander Lehnen and Trevor Williams are the General Managers on site. They have toured dozens of properties and selected the best ones for you.All of Villazzo’s luxury villas are among the most private and luxurious in Aspen, and feature that quintessential, lodge-inspired “mountain contemporary” design inside and out. And because Villazzo has a direct presence in Aspen again, we’re also able to offer VillaHotels as well as “V” villas. Our Aspen VillaHotels feature the same 5-star luxury hotel amenities that our VillaHotels in Miami or St Tropez are famous for. Take a look at what Villazzo has to offer in Aspen!

Let Villazzo Host Your ArtBasel Experience in Miami!

The whole city of Miami is gearing up for this year’s ArtBasel Miami Beach Expo, which will be held December 2 – 5 with exhibitions throughout the Art Deco district. By now, ArtBasel Miami has already outdone its “Founding Father” in Basel in terms of attractiveness among the art connoisseurs. If you’re planning on attending this year, why not stay in one of Villazzo’s exclusive Miami Beach VillaHotels? A private home is much more spacious and accommodating than a hotel suite, and paired with Villazzo’s VillaHotel setup and service can also make a perfect place for your guests or an ArtBasel cocktail. Feel free to contact us
for more information on how Villazzo can enhance your ArtBasel experience!

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New Miami Properties

It all started in Miami, over 8 years ago. Today, while Villazzo now has local operations in St Tropez, Capri, and Aspen, Miami still remains a core destination for our company and clientele. It’s no wonder that nobody has the inside track on the finest luxury in properties in Miami like Villazzo. New to our roster of Miami properties are “V” Villa Babette and “V” Villa Julia. Plus, we’re also close to adding three more magnificent villas to our roster, “V” Villa Sonia, “V” Villa Marita, and “V” Villa Palmyra. All of our new Miami “V” Villas were chosen with the same level of care and excellence as all of our “V” Villas, and give you an even wider range of impressive luxury villas to choose from in Miami Beach.

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New Miami Restaurants a Draw for Luxury Travellers

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010
Some Hot New Eateries to Spice Up Your Luxury Villa Rental Vacation in Miami


Housed in a historic building on Collins Avenue the new 1500° restaurant is a result of a $220 million renovation of the property that houses it.  Built in 1956 this structure was designed by the great Morris Lapidus, an original purveyor of Miami Beach style and design, and has now had new life breathed into it with the extensive renovations and the opening of the hotly anticipated 1500° this month. According to the restaurant’s website their firm belief is that “no dish can be better than its ingredients.” With that thought in mind Chef Paula DaSilva has prepared a seasonal menu made up of largely fresh and local ingredients with a decidedly steakhouse bent. Not only has the ownership here brought in DaSilva, a chef with more than 10 years of experience at Miami’s 3030 Ocean restaurant among others (she was also a finalist on Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen), but also the experienced restaurateur Seth Greenberg who is tasked with collaborating with DaSilva to make 1500° the place a well-heeled gourmand will want to frequent whether they live in Miami or are staying on in a luxury villa rental. “Our goal is to appeal to visitors and locals alike,” Chef DaSilva states. “Whether you’re a foodie tourist on a culinary exploration of Miami’s best restaurants, or a local looking for an exquisite meal in a gorgeous setting, 1500° will fit the bill.”


Karl Lagerfeld Designing an Island–Complete with Luxury Villas!

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010
How the Right Luxury Villa Rentals Stack Up Against the New Trends in Elite Travel

Ever wonder what Karl Lagerfeld’s world would look like if he could design more than just the clothes in it? Well, you’re about to find out. Kaiser Karl has gone and done it–he’s designed his own island. Not content to rule just the world of fashion the celebrated designer, in collaboration with Miami’s Oppenheim firm, has rolled out plans for a man-made island twenty kilometres off the coast of Dubai dubbed, quite fittingly, Isla Moda or Fashion Island. The project, backed by the KOR Hotel Group and spanning 1.2 million square feet, will feature 150 luxury villas and three hotels. Word of this project first spread in 2008, but after the bubble burst the project seemed to go quiet. Now, with plans for the futuristic-looking buildings being revealed, it appears that Karl’s island is still a go after all. (more…)

Luxury Villa Vacations Conspicuously Absent from 2011 Luxury Travel Trends List

Monday, October 11th, 2010
Cox and Kings Travel Announces Its Top 10 Trends for 2011 – Luxury Villa Rentals Conspicuously Absent.
Recently, Thomas Stanley, the COO of the well established Cox and Kings travel company, released what he believes to be the ten hottest trends in luxury travel going into 2011. Cox and Kings have been around for awhile, about 250 years to be exact, so when they make a proclamation those in the travel industry usually listen. Of course, whether or not these predictions are entirely accurate remains open to debate. While the list cites the Revival of Tour Groups as one of the ten, and a way to offset costs and make luxury travel in the current economy more affordable, it seems that a whole segment of the luxury travel market not looking to cut costs is forgotten when considering such a trend.

Luxury Villa Rentals the Best Way to Experience Elite Miami

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010
Thanks to the rise of European-inspired Luxury Villas in Miami Beach, North America’s “Riviera” Remains an Exclusive Travel Destination.

If your summers are reserved for St. Tropez, the Amalfi Coast or the Spanish islands, one of the best places to turn for some warmth during the cold winter months is Miami. The lush and vibrant city is diverse enough to offer an ideal vacation for every kind of traveller and is one of the only places in the United States able to stack up to Europe’s A-list travel spots. While the middle class may flock to the Miami they see on CSI or Jersey Shore, there is a whole other dimension to the city not readily available to most travellers.


Private Luxury Vacation Rental Clubs Bilk Vacationers Out Of Millions

Friday, October 1st, 2010

luxury vacation clubsThe recent bankruptcy announcement of the Ultimate Escapes private luxury vacation rental club proves that vacation and destination clubs are a risky investment and offer disappointing vacation experiences. Luxury vacation clubs

The private luxury vacation rental industry typically remains under the radar as far as the news is concerned. Lately, however, corruption and poor service has begun to affect luxury vacationers on a level that even the press is taking notice. Last month, we reported on how a Russian billionaire was frauded out of thousands of dollars by an concierge and luxury vacation rental provider in St. Tropez who charged  their client for a fireworks show that was put on my the city. While this is an isolated case, it sadly has become indicative of many luxury vacation rental providers throughout the world.



Friday, October 1st, 2010

New Florida hotels and travel services awaiting discovery

4. Top Of The Line. Villazzo, the concierge travel company that provides luxury rental properties all over the world, has just launched its newest service in Miami, V Villas. This concept provides travelers with luxury residences for rental anywhere from a week to a month. The new service also offers a selection of five-star hotel amenities that include private butlers, personal chefs, Bulgari spa products, and transportation services (limousine, yacht and helicopter charters). All amenities are available à la carte or in a package. (more…)

St. Tropez Cited as One of the World’s Top Honeymoon Hideaways

Friday, September 24th, 2010
France, as chosen by Vogue and Mr & Mrs Smith, is a luxury villa rental paradise for newlyweds.
What do people look for in a honeymoon destination? Privacy and romance, usually, adventure sometimes, and luxury in most cases. According to Vogue Australia and elite travel site Mr and Mrs Smith,one of the best places to get all of the above is a classic choice: France. While Paris has been done to death by honeymooners for generations, the South of France remains an idyllic getaway destination for those looking to bask in their fresh nuptial happiness. “Prefer a sexy yet stylish beach getaway? The French Riviera is for you. The coast that defined seaside glamour is still a balmy playground, equally endowed with look-at-me glitz and laid-back cool,” Mr and Mrs Smith explains to Vogue. “Fancy something a little more cutting-edge?” they ask, then St. Tropez is where you and your honey need to be.

Luxury Travel Destinations Beset by Concierge Scams

Saturday, September 18th, 2010
Looking into luxury villa rentals with extra perks? Be careful who you sign up with

On the heels of the recent St. Tropez luxury villa rental frauds comes word that vacationers in high-end destinations are being preyed on in yet another way. According to The New York Post one Russian billionaire was duped out of 10,000 Euros by a concierge hired to make his time away the vacation of his dreams.

Most people who turn to luxury villa rentals for their vacations are looking for more privacy and luxury that your usual five-star hotel offers, but they also want the added perks of services like housekeeping and onsite laundry. Unfortunately, despite what some advertise, most luxury villa rentals don’t come with these extras. At best what you’ll find once you arrive is an estate agent who is generally unequipped to provide the kind of services that guests require. Another option is to hire an independent concierge service to fulfil your needs during your luxury villa rental stay, but even then it’s difficult to know what you’re getting and on what kind of a timeline.

The majority of people hoping for a memorable luxury villa rental vacation in gorgeous places like St. Tropez or Miami don’t want to have to worry about mundane tasks like cleaning or doing laundry, tasks that with most villas will fall squarely to them. If not that then the adventure of trying to find a housekeeper or cook in a foreign locale during high season will. Neither seems particularly appealing when one is hoping for a relaxing, luxurious getaway. Worse still is the reality that hiring a concierge service to fulfil your needs while you’re away from home can lead you to being duped out of large sums of money. There are many concierge horror stories floating around from harried concierges attempting to serve the needs of several renters at the same time to services promised but never rendered. (more…)

Is Lincoln Road Miami’s New Up and Coming Area?

Sunday, September 12th, 2010
Those Vacationing in Miami Beach Luxury Villa Rentals May Want to Check Out What All the Fuss is About with 1111 Lincoln Road and its Neighbors

Lincoln Road in South Beach is one of those rare pedestrian-only streets in a city of cars and traffic that reminds one of Barcelona’s tourist-trap Las Ramblas in many ways. Except now several companies, developers, and designers have moved in to rethink Lincoln Road and regentrify the area, producing buildings, stores, and restaurants meant to usher in a new era for the foot traffic on this road. Real estate developer Robert Wennett’s 1111 Lincoln Road is the biggest and showiest of the projects here and seeks to “further Miami’s international prominence as a 21st-century destination for art, commerce, and culture.” While Wennett has managed to pull in several international retailers for his multi-purpose building, it remains to be seen if he will have the same success with Lincoln Road as he has had with his other projects, like the Meatpacking District in Manhattan. If you’re planning a vacation in one of Miami’s luxury villa rentals you may want to head down to Lincoln Road to see for yourself the evolution currently taking place here. (more…)